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Best web conferencing software for a small non-profit?

January 19th, 2016

An R-HUB HD video conferencing and web conferencing server ( is an affordable alternative. It supports up to 30 webcams and 8 monitors at each end point to support a telepresence experience. It starts at $1,495. The installation is a plug-and-play. After installed, the server runs 24 x 7. The hardware is a reliable network appliance just like a router and no IT maintenance is needed. The software is self-updated.

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How to Choose the Right Desktop Video Conferencing Solution

July 16th, 2015



While we are accustomed to communicating via text messaging, phone calls, social media and more, the best form of communication is still most often face-to-face, especially when it comes to a business environment. That’s because it is critical for managers to see the reactions of their employees to important company announcements, for owners to see how their customers respond to new product releases and for team members to get a real sense of how to help their coworkers.

Unfortunately, meeting in person is not always a viable option, especially with more and more employees working from home. In fact, it doesn’t appear that the telecommuting trend will lose momentum anytime soon. According to a recent study by ReadyTalk, 53 % of senior managers and CEOs are now actively searching for ways to improve their remote workers’ communications capabilities.

Thankfully, with the new functionality of desktop video conferencing technologies, such as R-HUB web conferencing servers, face-to-face communication with anyone, from anywhere, at any time is possible. Here are some tips on how to choose the right desktop video conferencing solution for your business.

Consider the Features:

How many people are you planning to conference in with your tool? Are you interested in making the occasional video call with one or two participants? Perhaps you would like to hold regular video calls with 10 or more participants. Or, maybe you are looking to host a virtual event for your company with thousands of participants. In addition to determining how large your desktop video conferencing can scale in number of attendants, you will also want to find out if it includes others must-have features, such as live chat, Q&A, and polling. Whether you are searching for online collaboration or recording capabilities, figure out which tool will best serve your business needs based on its features.

Consider the Costs:

Desktop video conferencing offers a cost-effective way to do business, as you no longer need to ask geographically disparate workers and key company stakeholders to travel to your office for pertinent meetings. Conversely, all they need is a reliable Internet connection and you can conduct business as seamlessly as you would in person. When choosing a collaboration tool, it is important to consider your budget, since solutions do range in terms of price. Do your research to see what type of solution is affordable within your budget. Be realistic and choose a price point, keeping in mind higher quality solutions are likely to be a little pricier.

Consider Your Security:

Every company has different security requirements, so when it comes to your business, you need to find out what yours are, especially if you’re planning on integrating a new desktop video conferencing solution. Since highly sensitive information is often shared during these kinds of conferences, you will want to make sure that what’s shared during that time stays there. To make this possible, ensure that all information is encrypted and determine the level of encryption needed for your business.

Consider Your Attendees:

A video conference wouldn’t be possible without attendees. Consider whom you will be using the tool with in order to avoid problems or delays. Are your attendees operating behind firewalls? If so, you will want to use a browser-based system, which means your participants will not have to download anything. You should also consider bandwidth since Internet speeds are different for everyone. Slow connections will result in choppy conferences, so it’s important to make sure high speed connections are in place prior to getting started.

Are you interested in selecting the right desktop video conferencing tool for your business meetings? If so, contact us today at 1-866-758-0984 or email us at

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Blurring the Lines between Countries with Desktop Video Conferencing

June 4th, 2015


Historically, language and time zone barriers have made face-to-face meetings in different countries a necessary expense for conducting business globally. In the past, running a global business meant actually traveling physically to various countries in order to perform business conferences in person.

Consequently, this required a significant amount of additional preparation not only for the travel itself but also for the actual meeting. For businesses with a strong international presence, this can result in a lot of extra time and money spent just to get business done.

Fortunately, desktop video conferencing has eliminated the required costs for arranging physical meetings in different counties. Furthermore, desktop video conferencing has practically erased the barriers between countries themselves. While desktop conferencing does not resolve all of the issues associated with multi-lingual meetings, it does go quite a long way in terms of reducing many of the major hassles associated with those meetings.

There are two primary challenges that most businesses face when hosting an online conference with participants who speak different languages. Desktop video conferencing can help to reduce both challenges.


Although language barriers do still exist, if you are using online or desktop video conferencing,  those barriers become much easier to handle when all of the tools are presented in the participant’s native language. For instance, with R-HUB web conferencing servers, you can have a multi-lingual interface. What this does is allow everyone who is in the conference to be able to use all of the various tools that R-HUB web conferencing servers provide without running into any language blocks.

This helps to smooth out the process of multi-lingual conferences and makes them more productive. There is no longer a need to wait to have a conference until you are able to have a translator available. At the same time, you can rest assured that everyone attending the conference is able to benefit from much clearer communication without the worry over potential miscommunication.

Time Zone Differences

Because various countries are in different time zones from others, online video conferencing can eliminate the time zone differences via the use of recast, recording, and replaying. The original meeting can be recorded and replayed for attendees at convenient times in accordance to their relevant time zones.

These attendees can still interact during the meetings as if they were attending it live and experience the same viewing quality as the original meeting. No longer is it necessary to schedule conferences at certain times in order to coincide with business hours in other countries. Everyone is able to attend at the time that is most convenient for their local business hours, thus helping to boost productivity.

By implementing online or desktop video conferencing, your organization can maintain a global presence while saving both time and money.

R-HUB web conferencing can help you to continue to break down country barriers for effective business communication. Contact us today at 1-866-758-0984 or email us at for more details on our desktop video conferencing services.

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The Real Business Benefits of R-HUB Desktop Video Conferencing

May 11th, 2015


There’s a good chance that you found this blog post while researching desktop video conferencing solutions. That also means that chances are good that you are already familiar with the technology’s general selling points, such as:

  • Speed- Desktop video conferencing makes it possible for you to interact with key decision makers and colleagues instantly, regardless of how geographically dispersed you may be.
  • Efficiency- By improving the quality of communication, particularly when it comes to email and phone calls, desktop video conferencing improves a company’s efficiency. In turn, this ensures that projects are completed faster and products are delivered to market sooner.
  • Convenience- Due to the fact that desktop video conferencing is able to perfectly replicate face-to-face communication, meetings can occur at any time and any location without the time requirements of travel.
  • Affordability- By reducing and even eliminating the need for travel, desktop video conferencing helps your company to save money while improving your bottom line.

While each of these points is true, you may still be asking yourself what does all of that mean in the real world? Furthermore, if you are advocating the adoption of a desktop video conferencing solution at your company, or if you’re a decision maker and you’re still on the fence about whether you should go ahead with a purchase, then you’re likely looking for something more tangible in terms of benefits.

So, how do actual companies utilize desktop video conferencing system they have installed, and what kind of results are they seeing? Let’s take a look.

Among the most popular applications for desktop video conferencing are management meetings, sales and marketing meetings, manufacturing or production, engineering, and training.

Management Meetings
Desktop video conferencing makes it fast and easy to hold board meetings, investor meetings, and even “town hall” style meetings without the time and expense involved in traveling to a central location. This is because meetings can be recorded and viewed at a later date.

From training new sales staff to interacting with clients to closing deals faster than was previously possible, desktop video conferencing is of tremendous value to the modern sales team.

At its very core, marketing serves as method for effectively communicating a product’s value. Also, because somewhere around 90 percent of communication is actually non-verbal, the visual aspect of desktop video conferencing is incredibly valuable to marketing departments.

Because products are usually designed, marketed, and manufactured at different sites, the introduction of desktop video can streamline a process that otherwise has a tremendous amount of room for miscommunication and costly errors.

Because desktop video conferencing allows employees to be trained without requiring them to travel to your company’s central HQ, it allows organizations to train them quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

Although these are the most popular benefits, they are just the beginning. From human resources to legal to finance, the applications for desktop video conferencing are practically endless.

Are you interested in trying out a desktop video conferencing service? If so, contact us today at 866-758-0984 or email us at

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The Importance of Multi Party Video Calling to Bridge Communication Gaps

April 14th, 2015


Now more so than ever before, businesses are increasingly disparately located. Organizations might have several offices located around the country and even around the world. Employees could potentially work from home or could take advantage of flexible work hours. Even traditional 9-5 employees must commute to the office on a daily basis. There are numerous benefits to a globally diverse workforce, including the elimination of geographical limitations when employing the best talent in the industry. Even so, this new way of working can present connectivity and communication challenges.

Connecting Via Multi-Party Video Calls

Advances in desktop video conferencing technology have ensured that colleagues no longer need to share the same physical space in order to achieve effective communication. Below are just a few of the ways in which multi party desktop video conferencing is bridging the communication gap.

Improved Trust- Feeling as though you know your colleagues and are able to trust them is a vital element in any working relationship. However, when you are not working within the same physical space as your colleagues, this can prove to be a challenge. By deploying desktop video conferencing, you can actually see your colleagues’ voices and facial expressions. As a result, you can feel as though you are in the same room as your colleagues even if you are, in fact, hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Increased Productivity- Connecting with colleagues via wok PCs, tablet and mobile devices is not only an effective method for collaborating during meetings when it might not otherwise be possible, but this process can also improve work productivity significantly. Saving travel time and taking advantage of the ability to connect wherever and whenever is most convenient ensures that you are able to leverage time resources in order to complete more important tasks. As a result, everyone within your organization is able to work far more productively and accomplish more, preventing burnout among employees and driving a more profitable bottom line for your business.

On-the-Move Communication- The fact that we all have busy lives cannot be denied. Desktop video conferencing solutions ensure that multiple parties are able to participate in a conference call even if they are actually on the move at the same time. There is no need to sync schedules or clear calendars. New desktop video conferencing technology can be utilized by tablet and mobile devices, ensuring that whether an employee is on a mobile device while commuting to work, is out of town, or at the office, they can still be present and attend virtual meetings.

Using R-HUB HD Desktop Video Conferencing

R-HUB Desktop Video Conferencing offers an effective multi-party video calling solution that allows for quality real-time collaboration and communication. If you are interested in how you can bridge the communication gaps within your organization, contact us today at 866-758-0984 or email us at to try R-HUB Desktop Video Conferencing for yourself and learn what a difference it can make in your company’s productivity.

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