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Effective Communication Is the Key to Productivity

July 2nd, 2015


The key to success in business is having high productivity. Advances in technology have made it possible for people to waste more time than ever before in history. Whether it is checking your social media, playing games on your phone, or browsing the day’s news, there are numerous distractions that can interfere with your productivity.

Even so, technological advances have also made it easier to collaborate with co-workers and develop the next billion-dollar idea. Communication is vital to high productivity. Using online collaboration tools, such as web conferencing makes it easier than ever to collaborate. Web conferencing offers three key features that drive collaboration: Face-to-Face HD video chat, document sharing, and real time chat. Let’s take a look at how these features can help to boost your productivity.

Face-to-Face HD Video Chat

Face-to-Face HD video chat makes it possible for you to see reactions to the points you are proposing in real time. As a result, you gain the ability to make adjustments based on the expressions and responses you see. It also allows you to see if people are actually paying attention to what you are saying rather than looking at websites, checking their phones, or even walking away from their desks. Furthermore, you are able to have multiple people at a single computer and still be able to see exactly who you are talking to. Perhaps most importantly, it provides the feel of a face-to-face collaboration and promotes a more fun and relaxed environment.

Document Sharing

Document Sharing enables you to upload anything from a PDF to a PowerPoint to even a spreadsheet into software and have it pre-loaded and ready to go when you begin your meeting. This can provide the benefit of a visual representation of a product and the annotation tools allow you to call to action certain parts of the document while you are speaking about them. As a result, you can take advantage of a more engaging presentation that makes it possible to hold your audience’s attention far longer while promoting discussion about the project. If you have found it difficult in the past to keep people focused on the discussion at hand, this could prove to be the ideal solution for your needs.

Real Time Chat

A Real Time Chat Box on the software serves as the perfect tool to launch a discussion about what is taking place on the screen. Not only is there a public chat room for each conference, but private messages are also supported between users. Communication is vital to good collaboration and this real time chat makes it possible for ideas to be kicked around easily by everyone, thus setting the stage for ideas to evolve more easily. When you need everyone on board to drive creativity and collaboration, real time chat can help you to do that.

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How R-HUB Web Conferencing Servers Can Save You Money on Remote Workers

May 18th, 2015


Remote workers are rapidly are becoming increasingly common within workplaces around the world. Whether those workers are traveling salesmen, IT professionals, or simply people who live too far from the office to commute each day, having a method for communicating efficiently is a necessity. Among the best ways to accomplish this is with web conferencing. Below are just a few of the ways in which R-HUB web conferencing servers can assist you in communicating with remote workers.

Use of Webcams- The R-HUB web conferencing platform allows for the use of multiple webcams during meetings. This is quite beneficial because it can provide you with the feel of a face-to-face meeting without the need to call everyone into the office to attend the meeting. In situations in which workers are based in disparate locations, the use of web cams for web conferencing can help your organization to save a tremendous amount of money in travel expenses. That is money that you can deploy directly back into your organization for improving product development, marketing, or other areas to help boost your bottom line.

More Personalized Interaction- Communicating over the phone can only accomplish so much. It can be difficult to catch all of the nuances of communication when you are only able to communicate via audio. Web conferencing gives you the ability to benefit from true face-to-face communication for the highest quality interaction possible.

Document Sharing- The document-sharing feature gives you the ability to upload any Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF file directly into your presentation. It also provides you with the opportunity to utilize annotation tools to highlight specific elements of your document. This can be great for instances in which you need to help traveling sales reps become more familiar with new products or if there is a policy change that you want to point out to remote employees. As a result, you can rest assured that everyone receives the same information at the same time while taking advantage of the opportunity to clarify points and avoid any potential confusion.

WebRTC Integration- WebRTC Integration provides the ability to call in using the built-in microphone on your computer or dial in using any telephone. This also makes it possible for you to log in online and when you call in with your phone, it will provide you with a code to link your phone number and user ID.

Not only can these features make web meetings beneficial for remote workers, but web conferencing can also help your company to save a ton of money on travel expenses. Currently, the reimbursement rate for travel mileage is nearly 58 cents per mile. If someone is driving conservatively at 60 mph, that adds up to about 58 cents per minute. Web conferencing can be utilized for just a fraction of that cost.

You may contact us at 1-866-758-0984 or email us at  for a quick demo so that you can see just how much web conferencing can save your company.

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