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How Can Non-IT Companies Benefit from R-HUB Remote Support Solutions?

May 20th, 2015


Working remotely on your computer from another computer is hardly a new concept. Yet, why has it now become so popular even among those who are not IT professionals or computer enthusiasts? Furthermore, what does remote access mean for your business?

Obviously, you are able to save on travel costs as well as save time. Additionally, in this digital age, you gain the ability to actually be in multiple places at the same time. Isn’t that the dream of practically everyone today? Among the many options offered by remote access, remote office is now one of the most prolific scenarios.

Suppose for a moment that your customer or colleague wants to demonstrate data without copying or publishing it. Remote presentations and meetings provide the ability to do that and offer yet one more excellent use for remote access tools.

Now, imagine that your employee requests instruction or assistance while you are away on a business trip. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. This proves to be particularly true when explaining how to do something on a computer. You can actually see what is taking place as well as gain control. Instruction and training are yet another instance where remote desktop offers great use.

Remote access, also sometimes referred to as remote desktop, also delivers incredible convenience. Imagine that you do not have to carry around your laptop anymore. A tablet is much lighter as well as handier to use on the go. Simply login to your computer from your iPad or other gadget and you have everything available at your fingertips, or finger taps, to be more precise.

Security is another vital reason to use remote access. Even if your computer with critical data is located miles away, you can still work on it from another device over a secure connection.

Remote access also provides significant benefits to practically any computer user. Your ideal remote access tool should be secure as well as easy to use and capable of working from any mobile device. It should also be reasonably priced. R-HUB remote support servers offer all of this and have the potential to make remote access a pleasant experience while meeting all of your expectations.

Benefits of R-HUB Remote Support Servers

  • Ease of use
  • 30-day free trial
  • Offers instant complete control of remote computer
  • Collaborative remote support and knowledge sharing
  • In-session customer training
  • Record sessions for training or auditing
  • Remote support using mobile devices
  • Fastest speed and concurrent sessions available
  • Remotely access your computer desktop, applications, and files
  • Print a file on your remote computer to a local printer
  • Unattended remote support
  • Best on premise security solution for enterprises
  • Supports numerous operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, etc.
  • One-time payment only (purchase more licenses only when you need them)
  • Lightweight components (quick to download)
  • One can control a remote computer for a presentation from an iPad or iPhone. This means you can travel with an iPad, but use your office computer as the presenter when you need to make a presentation.

The remote access software market is highly competitive. Remote access needs went mainstream more than 20 years ago. Naturally, major players have big experience in the field. With that said, technologies are developing fast and remote access needs are also evolving.

If you would like to experience quality remote support, email us at or call us at 1-866-758-0984 for a quick demo.

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How Collaboration Technology Can Help Your Business

October 11th, 2013

Change Management refers to a systematic method for assimilating change within an organization. Change management also assists with transitions for individuals on a personal level, as part of the  overall, changing collective. Change managers, then, are those who oversee and guide this process. They are essential for helping an organization meet its transitional goals. And with the wonders of collaboration technology, change managers can be more effective in their roles, because it’s easier to communicate with various members of an organization, regardless of whether they’re scattered across a six-acre business complex or across the country.

The position of change manager is merely one example of a job that can be enhanced and empowered by collaboration technology. For the balance of this article, we’ll enumerate a few more ways that collaboration technology can make your life easier.

How Collaboration Technology Is Employed
First of all, collaboration tools enable you to change the way documents and media are updated and shared. This ease of use among team members fosters better communication and collaboration. And obviously, for collaboration to be successful, communication within the group must be successful. In order for this to occur, then the various departments in the organization need to be able to work together — conveniently. And convenience is a great strength of collaborative tools. So, thanks to the convenience and ease of frequent interpersonal connections via online collaboration, project details like assignments or problems can be discussed immediately.

Some Components of Collaboration
Collaboration consists of communication, conferencing and coordination.  Communication is the exchange of information by using the following familiar methods: instant messaging, texting, e-mailing or telephoning. Although this component is still interactive, it relies on auditory or written correspondence.

Conferencing builds upon communication by adding a visual enhancement to your cooperative work. Through slides and video, your attendees can also interact visually. The old adage, “A picture paints a thousand words,” still holds true, so employing audiovisual aspects strengthens your collaborative efforts, helping you to ultimately communicate more clearly.

Coordination is basically when the individual team members complete their portions of the project independently and then bring their progress back to the proverbial table to assess the next steps of the overall, shared goal.

The Collaboration Solution for You!
RHUB specializes in delivering a simple and secure solution for online collaboration. In fact, our company’s name — RHUB — is an amalgam of the phrase “real-time collaboration hub.”

RHUB has a 6-in-1 Web conferencing solution that’s actually an appliance, as opposed to a hosted or software solution. Software solutions are costly and aren’t as user friendly at the outset. Hosted solutions are not secure. But the RHUB appliance works from behind your firewall — not outside of it — so it’s sleep-at-night secure. And the RHUB appliance is easy to use, as well.

The RHUB appliance gives you flexibility and value by combining six real-time collaboration methods into one appliance.

1. Web conferencing — RHUB’s Web conferencing enables you to give sales presentations, trainings, product demonstrations, and it allows you to collaborate interactively with your attendees.

2. Remote support — RHUB’s remote support capability gives you remote control of an attendee’s computer, regardless of whether that person is a PC or Mac user. It allows you to remote reboot, and you can remotely log out and log in again as a different user.

3. Audio conferencing —RHUB brings you VoIP-based audio conferencing, as well as free landline audio conferencing services.

4. Video conferencing — RHUB also gives you multi-point, Webcam-based video conferencing. If you use your HD Webcam to present video, RHUB’s system will deliver your video at photo-level quality and even in true color with 100 percent accuracy.

5. Remote Access — RHUB’s appliance also gives you the ability to access your office or home PCs from anywhere, anytime.

6. Webinar — RHUB also enables you to provide online seminars without having to download anything for your view-only attendees.

So, in conclusion, if you’d like to empower your business with the wonders of collaboration technology, RHUB would love to help you. Learn more from our Web site: RHUB.

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