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How to make you Virtual Meetings Effective and Efficient since the stage of Preparation

September 8th, 2017

Clarity, sense of purpose and responsibility are the three key-factors of success of any conference call that must be carefully taken care of during the preparation of any virtual and real meeting

Virtual meetings do not differ so much from real meetings on many regards. In both cases, it is important to avoid turning your meetings into a boring, sneezy and pointless experience for participants.

It is a bit like giving a show: if you are going to host a virtual meeting, you should then do your best to be a good actor and provide the best possible experience for your guests. What it takes is putting a lot of care on the preparation and the follow-up, as the after and before are the two most delicate stages of any meetings.

Luckily, there are several good practices that can help hosts in managing their meetings.  The three golden rules for the stage of preparation are clarity, sense of purpose and responsibility. Let’s examine them in further details.

  • Clarity. The first step is always to set the goals of your virtual meeting in advance. A lack of clear, sound goals is immediately mirrored in confusion and time-wasting in any virtual or real meeting. Therefore, spend some time in laying down the reasons why you are calling participants and arrange a clear agenda.The goals to achieve during your meeting must be articulated in a set of multiple, distinct points, so that to be more easily understandable and simpler to commit to memory. You must get your agenda across the participants at least 24 hours before. The participants will have all the time to prepare themselves for the meeting that way.
  • Purposeful preparation. It’s up to you define your purposes. If you have only a vague, general idea of the reasons why you are going to call a meeting, it is highly probable that the meeting will run without a precise direction. On the other hand, being too much detailed is a mistake as well, since also a diversion could lead to surprising results in some cases. In other word, it is necessary to be flexible. The right strategy is to funnel any contribution into the greater purpose of the team or the project.
  • Appoint a responsible person. Choose a good manager for your virtual meetings. Any meeting needs a chairman that gives the permission to each individual participant that wishes to speak and is able to moderate the discussion. Steve Jobs also use to give the chairman the responsibility of the achievement of the goals set for the meeting. In my experience, his trick works well.

In conclusion, the mantras for a successful virtual meeting are clarity, sense of purpose and appointing a responsible for the achievement of the goals. A good preparation of a meeting will bring good results in terms of goal achievement and participants’ best satisfaction.

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