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Five essential R-HUB tools for enhancing participant engagement in webinars

June 29th, 2016

Participant engagement is a key-factor of success of any online presentation. This is the reason why the R-HUB team spends much time and effort on the development of a variety of tools that help to make awesome presentations during webinars. Let’s have a look at the top 5.

Does your webinar service provide the right tools for participant engagement? This is a crucial question for any speaker. In fact, never should it be underestimated that participant engagement is a key-factor of success of any presentation. This is the reason why R-HUB’s web conferencing platform has a huge variety of really helpful features for webinars. Let’s see the five top features expressly designed for this purpose.

1 – Handouts: They are a really great tool to convey any kind of message to your audience in a fast and concise way. For this reason the R-HUB web conferencing platform enables participants to download handouts directly during webinars.

2 – Polls: They are universally recognized as one of the most powerful ways to engage participants and in the same time to collect precious information from a given audience.  R-HUB`s polling features  allow webinar administrators  not only to collect relevant information, but also to increase webinar participant engagement and generate useful live insights related to the topic of  your webinar.

3 – Text chat: There’s no better way to increase engagement than a live chat with questions and answers. Text chats increase also the level of participant attention and the webinar participation.

4 – Video: It is well known that videos are one of the most powerful ways to drive people’s attention because of its dynamic visuals.  R-HUB’s video features are expressly designed to make the most of this strategic and powerful media.

5 – Interact Features: It is important to give webinar participants the possibility to interact real time with the speaker through specific tools, like R-HUB’s icons that include hand raising, thumbs-up for saying “yes” and making requests as “Speed up” and “Slow down”.

It’s not yet finished. R-HUB provides support that helps you to make your webinars successful.  Other useful features of R-HUB’s products are described on R-HUB documentation, just go to R-HUB’s web site and have a small tour. There, you will find also all the necessary information about R-HUB’s turnkey online meeting service.

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