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How to Conduct a Free Audio Conference Using RHUB Web Conferencing Servers

July 31st, 2014

At RHUB, we are continually striving to find more ways in which we can provide the best service possible to our valued customers. This is why we added integrated audio to our TurboMeeting application. Through this addition, meeting participants gain access to several audio options, including an integrated toll-based number or VoIP for audio over the Internet. Additionally, each participant within the same online meeting is able to choose his or her own audio option.

The integrated audio solution from RHUB is offered at no additional cost to customers. You are able to choose from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or phone. You can also opt to allow both options. Participants who opt to join a meeting via a telephone will dial a free audio conference number provided by RHUB. Participants are then charged the standard long-distance rate that would typically apply for calling any regular long-distance number. Participants who opt to join the meeting using VoIP will need access to headphones or speakers in order to hear the meeting. A microphone will be required in order to speak during the meeting. A USB headset is recommended.

A conference call number, audio PIN, and access code will be automatically generated by RHUB for all attendees who opt to join the meeting via telephone. Participants will need to make a decision whether they wish to use the RHUB integrated audio or whether they prefer an alternative method.

According to an annual survey conducted among users of conferencing services in North America, the vast majority (89.1 percent) believe that an integrated audio and web conferencing service provides a personal value over two independent providers. The ability to initiate a single conference with audio and web capabilities offers a distinctly simply solution. When combined with the ability to visually present audio control, the entire virtual meeting experience is elevated to an even greater level. It should be noted that the RHUB Appliance must be in warranty in order to use the free audio conferencing service.

Steps for Making a RHUB Audio Conference Call

1. First, log in to the RHUB TurboMeeting application.
2. Once the application has launched, click the “Host” option that is located along the top of the navigation menu.
3. Choose the appropriate “Meeting Types” option from the list of meetings.
4. Select a meeting title within the optional subject field and then a password if one applies.
5. Click Continue.
6. Next, click the Invite button located at the bottom and then click Email in order to send an email invitation to participants.
7. Dial the audio conference number and then enter the access code that is displayed along with the option PIN.
8. Ask attendees to dial the audio conference number and enter their unique optional PIN number.

That is all there is to it. Would you like to learn more about how you can conduct a completely free audio conference call with your own customers? Contact us at 866-758-0984 or visit our website at

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RHUB Web Conferencing Servers for Unified Meetings

May 29th, 2014

In a rapidly changing global economy, an increasing number of organizations are now operating in geographically dispersed offices. As a result of such an increasingly global workforce, the demand for real-time collaboration and communication is also increasing, as well.

Whether you’re looking to team up on a project with your colleagues in a branch office, or hold a large-scale international investor relations meeting, RHUB web conferencing servers provide outstanding connectivity anytime you have geographically dispersed participants that need to communicate and collaborate with one another.

RHUB offers a full line of powerful and effective web conferencing servers that fit the needs of any sized company that provide the quality of in-person meetings, the Unified Meeting and Cisco WebEx.

Globalized Communication in Real Time

RHUB web conferencing servers allows you to bring participants together quickly and easily – from anywhere in the world – to present, share, collaborate and make decisions in real time. RHUB blends audio, web, and video conferencing into one secure, reliable, proprietary server that integrates with everyday business tools, including outlook integration and calendaring systems. No reservations are required, starting and attending a meeting is as simple as the click of your mouse, and to top it all off, RHUB manages the servers for you.

RHUB web conferencing servers’ features include:

    • HD Desktop video conferencing
    • Free Audio Conferencing
    • Real-time privacy protection
    • Poll, survey, quiz participants
    • Application sharing
    • Guaranteed Attendance
    • Chat
    • Pause meetings
    • Webinar registration
    • Customizable meeting interface
    • Outlook Integration
    • Reporting
    • Support up to 3000 concurrent participants
    • And much more….

Increased Productivity and Maximized Resources

The RHUB web conferencing solution allows you to maximize your resources by bringing people together while eliminating the hassle, time and costs associated with traditional business travel. Web conferencing solutions have the capability of completely transforming the way in which you communicate with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. Additionally, the RHUB web conferencing solution can revolutionize the way in which you interact in-house.

Whether your company needs to hold a training session for new recruits or employees, conduct a product launch, or hold a press conference, it is possible to take advantage of reliable, secure, and cost-effective web conferencing. With the addition of web conferencing to your communications arsenal, your company is no longer constrained to geographical limitations. When your entire organization is able to operate on the same page in real time, information flow within your company is dramatically improved.

All that’s required is Internet access. As all companies look to get more done with less, online meeting solutions like RHUB web conferencing servers are quickly growing in popularity. Want to see what they can do for your business? Give us a call today on 866-758-0984 or visit our website

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RHUB Webinars and How to Look Like a Million Dollars

January 26th, 2014

It was designed to get attention, and get attention it did. Cartier’s spectacular three-and-a-half minute commercial reputedly cost four million euros. The ad, featuring three leopards and a life-sized replica of a 1906 biplane, ran in its full glory on TV. If you saw it, you remember it, just as Cartier intended.

You may not be spending 4 million euros on a TV ad, but the face you present to the world should be as memorable as if you had spent big bucks and hired three leopards. Your webinar presentations are a critical piece of your branding, and you want them to look as glossy and sleek as if a big-name agency produced them. To that end, you need to be sure your webinar platform is as professional as your presentation. Here are some things to consider.

1. Is it easy to join your webinar? Few things make you look more unprofessional than a webinar that’s difficult or even impossible for attendees to join. With an RHUB appliance, nothing could be simpler than attending your webinar. Attendees can join your meeting within five seconds. No download of any kind is required. Firewalls and antiviruses are no problem. We guarantee attendance!

2. Do you need to give the floor to other people during your presentation? If you want more then one person to host, how expensive will that be? The RHUB appliance allows many people to host, and thanks to the RHUB pricing model, this won’t represent an extra expense at all.

3. What’s the learning curve? You want to have a webinar platform that’s easy enough to learn that anyone in your organization can do a presentation and look good doing it. Our appliance is designed to be used by everybody, and it’s very user friendly.

4. Is there an extra fee hidden in the platform you’ve chosen for VoIP or webinars? With RHUB the pricing couldn’t be more straightforward. You pay for the appliance once, and then you don’t have to worry about extra fees.

5. Does the platform permit mobile access? Mobile access is becoming more important for every type of presentation. RHUB permits anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to attend your webinar through a browser. It couldn’t be simpler.

6. Can you record the webinar? Recording your presentation is important both for you and for attendees. You want to have a record of what was said for future reference, and if attendees have something to replay, your message can be broadcast not once but several times.

One of the most critical factors in making your presentation look truly professional is the quality of the audio and video. The RHUB appliance really surpasses the competition in these departments. We would love to give you a demonstration of just how superior our audio and video quality is.

Give us a call at 866-758-0984 if you’d like more information. Leopards not included.

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