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An RHUB Webinar Can Be a Goldmine

February 26th, 2014

Okay, you’ve given your RHUB Webinar, and it was a great success. Your attendees loved the ease of joining that your RHUB appliance provided, and they were impressed with the excellent quality. Your presentation was spectacular, and your product sold like hotcakes. So now it’s time to archive the Webinar recording, right?

Well, not necessarily. There are still ways you can use that Webinar and make even more sales. Here are just a few ideas.

1. Repurpose the Webinar into a blog post. If you did a great sales presentation, it would be a shame not to give it as much distribution as possible. In fact, you might even get several interesting blog posts out of your Webinar. Would information about how you produced your Webinar be relevant for your audience? Or would they enjoy a blog post regarding lessons learned?

Webinar content is often also easy to repurpose as a brochure, white paper, or eBook.

2. If there were people who missed the Webinar, perhaps they’d be interested in an on-demand version. Especially if you have an international clientele, it’s advantageous to give viewers the option of viewing your Webinar at a convenient time.

3. Videos make your website more appealing and increase conversions. Why not include a snippet from your Webinar on your website? A/B testing will give you a way of gauging how much a video increases engagement, and test results just might persuade you to make video a regular part of your site.

4. Studies show that video clips in emails make your message more compelling, and the technology is finally making it feasible. HTML 5 is especially promising for video embedding, but not all mail clients support it at this time. If you have compelling video content, it might very well be worth investigating the advantages of spicing up your email campaigns with some video.

5. YouTube is a very important search engine. Getting your entire Webinar—or excerpts of your Webinar—on YouTube will give you some real SEO advantages, and of course it provides another opportunity to have your content seen. To really maximize SEO, label your video, describe it, and provide links to it from your website.

Any video posted on a site like YouTube should have plenty of identifying information. Your domain name needs to be on the video, at the very least at the beginning and end. When you upload your video, include keywords in the description. Include a link to your website. If you have enthusiastic fans, it never hurts to ask them to comment on your video. For the ultimate in visibility, links from several websites will do the trick.

Repurposing your Webinar will be particularly rewarding if you’re working with the high quality sound and video that an RHUB appliance delivers. A side-by-side comparison of an RHUB recording and a recording by one of our competitors is very revealing. If you’d like a demonstration of just how much excellence an RHUB appliance can provide, give us a call at 866-758-0984.

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