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Why and when Marketers can Profit from Virtual Events

August 4th, 2017

Virtual events are much more cost-effective, comfortable to organize and engaging for the audience than physical events. This explains the reason why they could become the new mantra of salesmen.

Sales events have always been part and parcel of any marketing strategy, no matter whether they are virtual or real, as it has been always necessary to present your products to a targeted audience (agents, investors, customers) at a certain stage of your sales campaign. However, the choice between a physical or a virtual venue is not so neutral and indifferent as you could expect.

What makes the difference between physical and virtual events is mainly the cost. A small real event with about 400 guests costs – among vendors (caterers, etc.), venue, equipment, security staff, leaflets, speakers, licenses and permissions – at least 20.000 US. A webinar through a good video-conferencing product, like a server of R-HUB`s suite TurboMeeting costs only the electricity to supply your server and the speaker. Nothing, in comparison.

Another important advantage of virtual meetings is the possibility to exploit a rich set of functionalities that are not available during a physical presentation. Coming to our example, R-HUB`s TurboMeeting servers allow you and the participants to your presentation to profit from many interactive tools, such as:

  • Pooling and raise hand functions;
  • Sharing files and documents;
  • Showing slides;
  • Registering the event. This can be useful for several purposes. Just to mention one of the most important utilizations of recording, to publish a video of your presentation on YouTube;
  • Questioning and answering in real time;
  • Telepresence;
  • Real time collaboration;
  • And many others.

Naturally, you have to sustain the cost of the technology. But it isn’t that much; the prices of R-HUB`s TurboMeeting servers range from around 995 US$ to less than 2000 US$. They last years and they do not need any devoted IT team for maintenance. Being real plug and play devices, R-HUB servers need simply to be connected to the electric network to start working. Extremely silent and compact, they can be put on a shelf of your bookcase and no devoted cabinet is necessary.

Last, don’t forget the power of video conferencing technologies. A R-HUB`s server can host up to 3000 guests per conference room at zero cost for any additional user thanks to R-HUB`s flat license policy, and 1000 conference rooms at a time for a total of 30000 guests. In real life, you should rent something like a stadium to have a comparable venue.

In conclusion, virtual meetings are much more cost-effective and comfortable to organize than the classical physical conventions. The wide set of functionalities of web conferencing tools makes virtual meetings even more interactive than the physical ones. So, it is not surprising that video conferences are more and more used by marketers: the video conferencing market is expected to grow at a rate of over 8 per cent per year till 2023, which makes it one of the most promising industries in the US.

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