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5 Basic Tips and Tricks to Increase ROI on Webinars & Webcasts Without Spending a Dime

December 9th, 2016

Accurate planning and some knowledge of the commercial and marketing aspects of web conferencing are enough to maximize the benefits; companies get through the technology that is changing deeply the way of doing business today.

As a manager or CEO of a company that is approaching the technology of web events for the first time, you would ask yourself how much investment it takes and how to make the most of it. Luckily, this new technology does not require a big amount of money at the learning/adopting stage. But be aware of some basic best practices, like the following 5 tips and tricks that will help you to generate a strong ROI on your company webinars and webcasts without spending a dime.

  1. Plan your webcast / webinar
  • First, identify your objectives. Do you wish to share knowledge, or generate leads, or retain and enhance client relationships, or a mix of them?
  • Second, create a roadmap to reach the goals you set and develop your contents consequently. For example, to create brand awareness use broad topics, as they are able to raise widespread interest and maximize your audience.
  • Third, choose the most effective marketing strategy. Do you wish to reach a broader audience through online promotion or just draw the participants from your database? In this second case, emailing your contacts is sufficient. In the first case, the social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are free/low cost vehicles to fulfill your goal.
  • Fourth, select your timing. The highest peaks of attendance are usually at lunchtime. Send reminders, recaps and updates to build excitement and involvement. In this way you will also keep your event on the radar for those uncertain of their schedules.


  1. Go Live, Simu-Live or On Demand? Decide Ahead.

There are three different types of webinars/webcasts:

  • They enable audience interaction and the creation of online communities. Presenters must know how to speak to an audience. If correctly conducted, live events create the best effect in terms of involvement.
  • Simu-live. They are recorded before and then presented with a live Q&A session. This allows different start times in multiple time zones with a subsequent higher reach, while the participants’ involvement decreases.
  • On demand. They are produced to be viewed and distributed at any time. The reached audience is potentially the broadest, the participants’ involvement is minimal.


  1. Which Technology?

Web conferencing is designed for online meetings rather than presentations, while specified webcast/webinar programs allow to reach larger audiences without crashing corporate networks. On premise server based technologies – for example R-HUB’s servers – can be used for both purposes with a higher degree of technical reliability combined with comparatively lower costs. They have also the additional advantage to be already optimized for mobiles, the devices that most participants are likely to use to attend your event.


  1. Little but not so unimportant details

When organizing a webinar/webcast, be sure to utilize:

  • Up-to-date equipment;
  • Quality lighting and audio;
  • A clean background without doorways or windows;
  • Slides, Polling, Q&A, downloadable documents, social media and anything else to engage the audience and keep its attention.


  1. Use Analytics

Analytics are very helpful tools to track relevant participants’ behaviors – such as questions asked and materials downloaded – and get useful insights on their interest and involvement levels that are later useful for the necessary follow-ups. Another important instrument is polling, which allows your managers to get accurate feedbacks about the company and its products. These data can be then integrated with customer relationship management systems, such as or Marketo.

As you seen, these five tips do not need any further investment. It is sufficient to exploit resources that are often free or available as being included in products that your company has already bought. In a nutshell, our suggestion is to optimize and exploit what you have at hand.

Interested in more information about webinars / webcasts? Visit R-HUB website to find other posts and materials.

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