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RHUB: Your Webinar Can Be a Real Production

February 16th, 2014

Have you always thought it would be fantastic to work as a film producer? You’d be responsible for all kinds of financial and artistic decisions. How many elephants can your latest film spectacle afford? That barge carrying Cleopatra down the Nile—how can you make it look as if it’s solid gold?

If your company creates webinars, it can benefit from a bit of production magic too. You can hire a virtual event producer to put some razzle-dazzle in your webinars, but you can add a touch of razzle-dazzle on your own. How can you be your own webinar producer?

Lights, camera. Much like a film production, a webinar can benefit from attractive lighting and backgrounds. An expert will know just how to set up lighting, but it’s certainly possible to do a trial run with several different lighting and background options and see what works. This is the kind of thing that’s easily overlooked but that can make a huge difference in providing a professional-looking webinar.

Rehearsal. A webinar producer will rehearse your webinar with you, but you can probably talk a coworker into being your audience and giving you feedback. This might be a great opportunity to try out those different lighting styles. A webinar producer will usually review your presentation in advance and give you feedback, but this is another instance where a coworker will probably be happy to fill in.

Scheduling. If you’re scheduling an event at a local five-star hotel and people are attending from all around the country, the attendees who have to buy plane tickets and make hotel reservations are very unlikely to forget the event. The fact that your webinar is easier and less expensive to attend has a downside: it’s harder to remember. A webinar producer will take care of reminders, but this is another task that it’s easy to take care of yourself. Sending out three reminders is recommended–one a week or two before the event, one the day before the event, and one on the day of the event itself.

Rich analytics. A webinar producer tracks analytics for you, but our RHUB appliance can do a good job of providing you with useful data all on its own. You can collect email addresses from all attendees. Polling questions can give you insight into what’s working. A report is available that provides attendees’ join and exit times, giving you insight into audience engagement.

Editing. A professionally edited webinar makes your company looks great, and a webinar is sometimes viewed again and again, meaning that your message will get out there many times. You don’t have to hire a webinar producer for editing, though; there are many webinar editing tools available. If your webinar is a sales tool you’ll use for months or years to come, it may be worthwhile to either hire a producer or to edit it in-house.

A webinar producer can make your event memorable and provide you with a recording that will sell your product not just now but in the future too. Many organizations, though, have talent in-house that can do just as well. You may have a J. J. Abrams on staff already!

Using an RHUB appliance is another thing you can do to make your content look professionally produced. With RHUB, video and audio quality are unequaled. An RHUB appliance will go a long way toward making a webinar so good that your audience will want to settle down with a big bag of popcorn and give your content their undivided attention.

If you’d like to hear more about the advantages of the RHUB appliance, give us a call at 866-758-0984.

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Lights, Cameras, and the RHUB Webinar Tool

December 13th, 2013

It’s your moment in front of the cameras. You have 200 people attending your webinar, it took you months to set it up, and this is a make-it-or-break-it presentation for your company. How can you guarantee that your webinar wins an Academy Award, not a Razzie?

Practice, man, practice. The RHUB webinar tool is easy to use, but it never hurts to run through your presentation ahead of time. Make sure you know how to use all the RHUB tools and that you’re comfortable with all aspects of your talk. For pointers on giving a really engaging lecture, look up the recommendations for giving TED talks. Typical advice? Frame your content as a story, use interesting photos in addition to (or instead of) slides, and rehearse many, many times (or even memorize your content).

Jump right into the benefits. People probably won’t be fascinated by the details of your organization or your accomplishments, but they will be fascinated by interesting ideas or products that can benefit them. If you’re talking about your product, avoid boring your audience with endless technical specs—they’d rather hear about the awesome things your product can do.

Don’t expect attendees to have a lengthy attention span. Studies indicate that attention spans typically range from ten minutes to—at best—twenty minutes or so. Present your most critical information early in the meeting when you still have everyone’s full attention. If you have a lot of data you want to present, send a document to attendees ahead of time and only go over the highlights in your actual talk.

Vary your content. If you have photos, and use a whiteboard, and include other little surprises to jolt attendees awake, your talk will be much more memorable. Everyone has seen too many talks that consist of nothing but PowerPoint slides. Slides get boring, and reading from slides makes a boring situation even more boring.
With RHUB, there are lots of ways to add interest to a presentation. Attendees can give control of their desktops to the host or an attendee can become the presenter. This makes it easy to share some of the presentation responsibilities with coworkers (or panelists) and gives your talk more variety.

Create emotional content. Stories aren’t just for Hollywood. Nothing will create a bond with your listeners better than stories or pictures that create an emotional connection. If you’re passionate about your topic, let your audience know it.

Relevant polls increase interest. With an RHUB tool, you can configure polls with up to five possible responses, and the presenter can arrange for everyone to see the results of the poll. Cleverly designed polls can really add appeal to any talk and make your audience feel fully engaged.

Give attendees plenty of opportunities to comment or ask questions. Have you ever noticed how a room comes alive when the question-and-answer portion of a lecture rolls around? You can liven up any presentation by giving the audience a chance to participate. With the chat and hand raising capabilities of RHUB, attendees can all get their questions answered. And up to four participants can appear on webcams simultaneously.

With RHUB, you can be confident that the technology you’re using isn’t going to let you down and make your presentation a disappointment. RHUB makes a webinar easy to join. The video and audio quality are superb. If one of your attendees loses his or her connection during the meeting, no worries—RHUB will automatically reconnect. You can concentrate on perfecting that award-worthy performance and let your RHUB appliance do its part: providing dependable, versatile, top-quality technology at an affordable price.

We would love to show you just what kind of quality you can expect from our appliances. Give us a call at 866-758-0984 or email us at If you ought to be in pictures, make sure that the quality of the pictures is the best it can be.

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