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New Software Solutions for Real Time-Collaboration: R-HUB`s Live Streaming Servers

June 29th, 2017

Easy to install and easy to use, R-HUB Live Streaming servers allow users to stream real-time collaboration to team members’ browsers over the internet without any download of any kind of software.

Live streaming is the last – but not least – functionality added by R-HUB to their servers. Real-time collaboration among multiple meeting panelists and web browser attendees become possible that way, even in the case that the panelists are scattered throughout many locations in the world; this makes the difference with traditional live streaming solutions, which are able to broadcast contents from one location only.

Highly versatile and responsive, R-HUB`s servers are able to stream contents on any device, including PC, Mac, Android and iOS mobiles. So, no worries that any participant could be excluded from your conference for technical reasons. The contents are then shown on the entire user screen, in order to increase the speaker message effectiveness on the audience. Last, interactivity has been much bettered by decreasing delays to an adjustable range between 3 and 18 seconds depending on the network conditions. In this way communication and real-time collaboration – for example, through a chat or a video-conference – become really possible, as user experience is decisively better.

The utilization of an on-premise server based technical solution by R-HUB has two big advantages. First, contents are streamed to participant browsers, so that no software download is necessary. This is comfortable especially for smartphone users, as they have much too often their smartphone memory stuffed with apps and software of any kind, not to mention the necessity to wait long minutes for the conclusion of the download process before they could conference in. Secondly, security is much improved, as it is possible to secure internal all-hands meetings by the firewall of the organization.

R-HUB`s servers do not look like the traditional cumbersome machines that some few readers might have in mind. R-HUB`s servers are small, compact, fanless and silent devices that can be put even on the shelf of your bookstore. Real plug-and-play machines, they do not need any IT team being self-installing and self-configuring. Prices are very convenient: they start from 995$ , and there is no extra fee for adding new participants to a conference, thanks to R-HUB`s flat license policy. For further details, please visit R-HUB`s web site at

Real-time collaboration means the use of several tools for remote collaboration in real-time, like screen and file sharing, chat and instant messaging, and, overall, video-conferencing. Real-time collaboration has constantly grown in importance in the last decade as a consequence of the process of globalization. According to a study of Avanade (, 77 per cent of firms utilize some kind of social collaboration technology, and the trend is on the increase. Behind, there is also the need to create a collaborative and more productive work-environment, as it seems that the real-time exchanges and feedbacks that real-time collaboration allows are crucial to reach this purpose.

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