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Connecting with Customer through Social Media

April 16th, 2010

It is doubtful that in the early days of social media people saw the tremendous marketing potential social media held. Today many of the world’s largest companies have pages on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, taking advantage of the large user base and reach these sites offer. There is no doubt that social media provides a ready and sometimes interested consumer base.

Setting up Your Social Media Strategy

If only maintaining a social media presence is easy as posting a blog every now. Unfortunately it is not that simple. It requires a high level of commitment as maintaining regularly updated, valuable content for your website and blog is a time consuming task. Simple steps to creating your strategy include:

  • Finding your target audience
  • Keeping your audience’s attention
  • Keeping track of user responses and feedback
  • Devising a schedule for reaching goals and sticking to it
  • Adapting when necessary

Social Media as Part of Your Overall Marketing Strategy

As useful as social media marketing is, it should not be your sole marketing tool. Your overall marketing campaign depends not only on social media but the success of other marketing efforts as well. Rather it should be used along in conjunction with more traditional methods.

webinars can help you connect with customersSocial media can also be used with promotional tools that are a bit outside the mainstream such as webinars. The major advantage here is that free webinars are often a good way to attract and generate leads for your product or services. Customers like it since they are not sitting in on a sales pitch but rather is getting some valuable information in exchange for their contact. Portions of webinars can also be recorded and posted on the company’s page, generating content for your website.

Both social media and web conferencing allow companies to build a more intimate relationship with their customers. This form of marketing also allows a business to have more direct contact with consumers. While there are risks to social media advertisement, but eventually you will see that these tools can help chart the course to success.

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