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Computer-based Productivity Monitoring Tool

October 16th, 2009

While the Internet has improved the way we do business, it has also helped to create many more distractions for workers. The Internet has an endless supply of streaming media, and workers are usually all too willing to check out the latest viral download. From free videos to entertainment sites to free online games, not to mention social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter and you’ll find that there are endless possibilities for slacking off.

Of course, technology also provides bosses a way of fighting back. In the same way cameras allow companies to monitor their physical space, software tools allow them to virtually keep an eye on employee activities. Some features of these types of software include:

• The ability to view remote desktops live
• Listing of all URLs visited by users on the network
• Screenshots of any user’s computer
• Software monitoring, which allows the administrator to see which program is being used
• Log in time checks
• Virtually block access to some sites such as Facebook. An increasing number of workers can no longer log on to get updates

While any notion of being monitored may prompt thoughts of ‘big brother’, employers do have the right to ensure that work time is used properly. After all, lost time is likely lost money. Many studies have revealed the extent to which valuable man hours are lost while employees check personal emails or surf the web. Benefits of using productivity monitoring tools include:

• A measurable increase in productivity. Employees are not likely to slack off if they know they can be monitored
• Employers can be certain that their equipment will not be used for illicit activity or to view offensive material. This will also reduce the chances of having a suit brought against the company by employees offended by certain types of material
• The company can protect its secrets or important corporate information from theft

RHUB’s Web Conferencing and Remote Support Appliance allows one to monitor and record the activity on somebody’s PC or Mac without that user knowing. Some employees will continue to slack off if given the opportunity. Employers should look at this tool as another element of security that can help improve business, overall. For more information on how it works take a look at how to monitor employee desktops.

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