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Four Steps to Mastering Mobile Meetings.

September 5th, 2013

Mobile meetings have become commonplace in our modern business world. Conferencing services have enabled businesses to give their users more flexible alternatives to being bound to a desk in an office.

Through these conferencing solutions, we now have the capability to run an on-the-go business at our convenience, while our participants access their meeting tools from essentially any location. Mobile meetings can empower your organization with several benefits, especially when your team employs these four following tips:

1. If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail.

Even though a mobile meeting seems more casual, it’s still ideal to have an agenda to assist you in covering all your talking points efficiently. Primary stakeholders should decide which topics should be covered and which goals should be pursued going forward. And as with Web video conferencing, the agenda should be sent to each participant prior to the meeting to assist your attendees in their preparation and for keeping the conversation on course.

2. Define Your Objectives

Having planned your meeting with its agenda items, your participants should be informed of your main objectives from the beginning. Declaring your objectives helps your participants to align their expectations for the meeting with the plan you envisioned. Be clear and state your goals plainly, such as, “The purpose of this meeting is …” And at the conclusion of your mobile meeting, it can be helpful to summarize your team’s newfound progress with your main objectives.

3. Streamline Meeting Frequency

Avoid scheduling meetings that are essentially a planning session for what you’re going to talk about at your next meeting. Scheduling redundant meetings can hinder your company’s efficiency and your employees’ attentiveness, even if they’re merely mobile meetings. When using mobile video conferencing, for example, a business that operates smoothly might consolidate its status reports. Communicating minor updates can be done through electronic means, such as texting or e-mail, thereby eliminating unnecessary meetings.

4. Create Your Own App

Last but not least, app development can help a business create something unique while also giving employees convenient access through their mobile devices. Access restrictions can also be designed within an app to prohibit unauthorized parties from connecting to company calls. Your meetings will be more secure, and your staff will have opportunities to participate in meetings while on the go.

Efficient mobile meetings are an effective tool for building and strengthening your company’s communication strategy. Conferencing services enable your staff to connect from just about anywhere through their smartphones and tablets. Happy meeting! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take this call …

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