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Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Some Things are Better Together – RHUB Web Conferencing Servers – Connecting People Together

June 22nd, 2014

Collaboration is an inherently social concept. It’s about people and connection. It’s about communicating, working together, interacting to meet goals, accomplishing tasks, innovating, and creating. Just as people have unique personalities, so do the ways they collaborate for business, whether one on one or in groups, in structured meetings or hallway conversations, sitting at desks or on park benches, in real-time conversations or long-term interactions.

We have always collaborated in some way or other. Online Collaborationis not a new concept. What is relatively new is the use of technology to support the collaboration process.

As technology evolves and geography becomes less relevant to connecting with others, the options for how we collaborate multiply and then multiply again. Even so, technology itself is an enabler of collaboration; the value is in the connections that people make – with each other, information, and ideas.

Finding ways to improve the connections between people and the information they need to share is critical to improving business. We see great value in providing business and social solutions to our customers. Bringing together social networking with communications technology provides people with the means to collaborate and gives them flexibility to do the best work they can. We believe people working together can achieve extraordinary things. We believe the same is true of companies.

Increasingly, organizations are looking for ways to integrate social solutions into their collaboration tools and business processes and you know what? RHUB web conferencing servers are their choice. Throughout the past 8 years, RHUB has continued to weave social into the fabric of our own collaboration portfolio.

At the same time, we continuously looked for opportunities to collaborate with other companies to integrate new technologies and improve what we can offer our customers – bringing the best of the best together to provide our customers with the ideal solution to fit their business needs.

With our servers, participants can benefit from highly evolved collaborative tools without the need to install specialized software or be connected to a special network. As a result, it possible to gain access anywhere and at any time and in the manner that is best for your needs.

RHUB is helping its customers easily go between their real-time conversations, like instant messages, video conferences and online meetings, with the more persistent social conversations, like blogs, discussions, wikis, posts and online groups.

To provide the best flexibility and outcomes for our customers, we provide maximum customization with our products. Rather than emphasize social within one product, we’re making sure it’s an integral part of all our products. The benefits related to collaboration can be immense, but ultimately, they must translate to improved performance. At RHUB, we make that possible.

RHUB aims to deliver a seamless user experience and drive adoption. It’s all about helping people connect and collaborate with others, in the ways that work best for them. For more information visit our website or call us on 866-758-0984

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How Collaboration Technology Can Help Your Business

October 11th, 2013

Change Management refers to a systematic method for assimilating change within an organization. Change management also assists with transitions for individuals on a personal level, as part of the  overall, changing collective. Change managers, then, are those who oversee and guide this process. They are essential for helping an organization meet its transitional goals. And with the wonders of collaboration technology, change managers can be more effective in their roles, because it’s easier to communicate with various members of an organization, regardless of whether they’re scattered across a six-acre business complex or across the country.

The position of change manager is merely one example of a job that can be enhanced and empowered by collaboration technology. For the balance of this article, we’ll enumerate a few more ways that collaboration technology can make your life easier.

How Collaboration Technology Is Employed
First of all, collaboration tools enable you to change the way documents and media are updated and shared. This ease of use among team members fosters better communication and collaboration. And obviously, for collaboration to be successful, communication within the group must be successful. In order for this to occur, then the various departments in the organization need to be able to work together — conveniently. And convenience is a great strength of collaborative tools. So, thanks to the convenience and ease of frequent interpersonal connections via online collaboration, project details like assignments or problems can be discussed immediately.

Some Components of Collaboration
Collaboration consists of communication, conferencing and coordination.  Communication is the exchange of information by using the following familiar methods: instant messaging, texting, e-mailing or telephoning. Although this component is still interactive, it relies on auditory or written correspondence.

Conferencing builds upon communication by adding a visual enhancement to your cooperative work. Through slides and video, your attendees can also interact visually. The old adage, “A picture paints a thousand words,” still holds true, so employing audiovisual aspects strengthens your collaborative efforts, helping you to ultimately communicate more clearly.

Coordination is basically when the individual team members complete their portions of the project independently and then bring their progress back to the proverbial table to assess the next steps of the overall, shared goal.

The Collaboration Solution for You!
RHUB specializes in delivering a simple and secure solution for online collaboration. In fact, our company’s name — RHUB — is an amalgam of the phrase “real-time collaboration hub.”

RHUB has a 6-in-1 Web conferencing solution that’s actually an appliance, as opposed to a hosted or software solution. Software solutions are costly and aren’t as user friendly at the outset. Hosted solutions are not secure. But the RHUB appliance works from behind your firewall — not outside of it — so it’s sleep-at-night secure. And the RHUB appliance is easy to use, as well.

The RHUB appliance gives you flexibility and value by combining six real-time collaboration methods into one appliance.

1. Web conferencing — RHUB’s Web conferencing enables you to give sales presentations, trainings, product demonstrations, and it allows you to collaborate interactively with your attendees.

2. Remote support — RHUB’s remote support capability gives you remote control of an attendee’s computer, regardless of whether that person is a PC or Mac user. It allows you to remote reboot, and you can remotely log out and log in again as a different user.

3. Audio conferencing —RHUB brings you VoIP-based audio conferencing, as well as free landline audio conferencing services.

4. Video conferencing — RHUB also gives you multi-point, Webcam-based video conferencing. If you use your HD Webcam to present video, RHUB’s system will deliver your video at photo-level quality and even in true color with 100 percent accuracy.

5. Remote Access — RHUB’s appliance also gives you the ability to access your office or home PCs from anywhere, anytime.

6. Webinar — RHUB also enables you to provide online seminars without having to download anything for your view-only attendees.

So, in conclusion, if you’d like to empower your business with the wonders of collaboration technology, RHUB would love to help you. Learn more from our Web site: RHUB.

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Major medical institutions using Web Conferencing to share and advance research

June 8th, 2011

Major medical institutions using Web Conferencing to share and advance research

In an initiative called HOPE, Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital are using web conferencing to share information on AIDS and advance research around the world.

HOPE, which stands for HIV Online Provider Education, was created in 2004 to connect HIV clinicians from all over the world with the objective of exchanging ideas and advice and to create a platform of collaborative learning.

Doctors can log in easily and quickly, within 5 to 10 minutes, to share their findings on AIDS research with other colleagues on the other side of the world, said Rishabh Dev Phukan, HOPE’s program coordinator, to eWeek.

HOPE holds interactive conferences every two months in which are discussed HIV issues with attendants from Africa, China, India, Dominican Republic, the UK and the US. The conferences feature an expert which makes the topic presentation and then allows discussion between the several participants. Participants can also discuss particular cases between themselves and ask for the opinion of the clinicians present in the web conference.

Another HOPE initiative is the HIV Consult, which has several HIV clinicians providing online help and consultation to doctors with challenging cases or who are working in a limited resources setting.

The Harvard Center for AIDS Research and the Massachusetts General are also working with the McCord Hospital in South Africa using web conference to provide help and advice on AIDS treatment and specific cases.

RHUB TurboMeeting Appliance protects privacy

HOPE’s experience illustrates how web conferencing software can make a difference in medical and scientific research. allows doctors and researchers from all over the world to share their data and experience, discuss their ideas and get advice from experts, all done without leaving their institutions and wasting time.

RHUB has seen more medical clients in 2011. It is known that clinics and hospitals are especially concerned with patients’ privacy protection. When doctors hold , RHUB’s appliance-based solution could better ensure that all information is securely protected by medical institution’s own firewall.  Compared to the hosted solutions, in which meeting or seminar information will be sheltered by the hosted servers, more hospitals are opting for appliance. RHUB’s dedicated appliance gives doctors the comfort of real-time privacy protection.

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Streamlining Your Work Process with Collaboration Tools

March 25th, 2010

Project management is one of those areas that have been greatly advanced and simplified with the use of web conferencing’s cousin: . Collaboration tools enable more efficient use of resources in managing a project. Allowing team members to pull together resources and coordinate on a project, project management tools facilitates and encourages communication among co-workers.


Hear the difference when you collaborate online

Project Management Tools – A Necessity?

There is an entire software industry devoted to streamlining project management. Before the advent and growth of web conferencing, project completion relied on the standard methods of communication. Introduction of collaboration tools helped to streamline the workflow, cutting down the time between stages in projects.

In the current economic environment, even large corporations can scarcely afford to waste money in its operations. Project management allows companies to hold down on spending while ensuring targets are met. Web conference tools allow for greater efficiency in this regard. In a wired world, the ability to manage projects from a single central location means significant cost savings.

Web Conferencing’s Impact

Benefits of web collaboration tools are best exemplified through its features. Some include:

  • File sharing: team members can share documents easily for feedback and track progress within each stage of the project.
  • Presentations: this covers any number of files that need to be seen by those involved in the project. During the presentation the presenter can also discuss each slide with attendees.
  • Recording: collaboration sessions can be recorded and archived for later use.

Web conferencing plays a vital role in all stages of the project, from planning to completion. Keeping in constant contact with all members allows the project manager to monitor the key aspects of the project such as:

  • Timeline
  • Cost
  • Resources
  • Size and goals of the project

With the right tool in hand, collaboration management software can facilitate the progress of projects easily. Helping a job done right, the first time.

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