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Quality You Can Clearly See

March 5th, 2010

If there is one thing made clear by the current high definition trend, it’s that viewers of are demanding better image quality regardless of what is being watched. You would naturally expect web conference companies to place an emphasis on image quality. Unfortunately, this just isn’t so. Some common web conferencing transmission issues include:

  • Flickering or fuzzy images
  • Image distortion
  • Poor color quality

With the variety of web conferencing solutions available, one would think that these issues were mostly a thing of the past. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. These problems are not limited to software versions dated back early last decade. To this day, even some established web conferencing software vendors have been guilty of poor image quality in presentations. In fact, below you can see an example of a presentation from earlier this year. On the right is a screen shot of a slide shown using TurboMeeting, on the left is the same slide shown on WebEx.

Why Image Quality is Important

Firstly, the quality of any type of content is essential to a successful presentation. Sharp image, however, can definitely make any conference more engaging, and less likely to lose the interest of participants. With charts and graphs often included in presentations, distortion of numbers on the graphs essentially render them useless.

The bottom line is that more often than not numbers and charts will be featured prominently in web conferences. When the information is hard to see this poses problems not only for the web presentation itself, but also for the company’s workflow.

Here at RHUB, we make it a priority to present to users with quality products we can stand behind. We understand the frustration of having to squint your way through an hour long presentation.

Any solution that does not deliver quality images is not serving its purpose. Sharper images make for a much more effective and memorable web conference.

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