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Real Time Collaboration: Fast Question and Answer about Low-Latency

July 28th, 2017

Let’s understand what low latency is and why it is so important in real time collaboration

Adepts of real time collaboration know very well how important low-latency is. In this fast question and answer session, we will try to answer four most common questions about low-latency.

What is latency? The delay between the time a camera captures a fact and the time you see it through your live-streaming tool.The cause of latency is that it takes some time to process the huge quantity of data that are eventually delivered in the form of the video that you are actually watching.

What is low latency? Nobody likes a high latency, as it would mean that real streaming loses much of its utility. This is the reason why low-latency is so much desired. Ideally, there should not be any delay at all; practically, a latency of 30-40 seconds is considered as acceptable in most situations.

When and why low-latency is important? In some cases, particularly in business, the delay is crucial.  For example, in video-chats: imagine that you are participating to a video chat and the speaker is interviewing an off-camera person in real time: waiting even just 30 seconds for hearing the answers can be annoying for most participants.

Another example is online auctions: any delay could alter bid registrations. In telepresence, when there are multiple screens that display the same person speaking, the delays of each individual screen must have all the same length in order to avoid problems of synchronization.

How can you get low-latency? The answer is immediate, it is through technology. Today, there are several solutions that assure you low-latency.

  • R-HUB`s live streaming servers ( ). The latest product of R-HUB`s video conferencing server suite, they have been purposely designed for real time collaboration. Latency breaks down to 3 -18 seconds depending on the network conditions, which makes R-HUB`s servers a great solution for organizations that need a good tool which enhances interactivity to host their virtual meetings.
  • The effectiveness of the communication is ensured by displaying the content on the entire desktop along with HD webcam videos from multiple meeting panelists that can be located anywhere in the world.
  • Apple HS is an http-based protocol very used for streaming. Latency is about 30-40 seconds, which makes Apple HS inadequate for ultra-low-latency scenarios like real time collaboration. The problem here is the size of each data chunk that is quite big, and thus it takes time for the processing.
  • RMPT (Real Time Messaging Protocol) and WebRTC (Web-Real-Time Communications) are regarded as the standard for low-latency streaming. The first has the disadvantage of being based on Flash, meaning no support on iOS devices; the second works without Flash and is decisively more cross-platform and performing.

Other aspects to consider are the quality of yours and your audience screens and cameras, and the power of your streaming server or cloud service. As a rule of thumb, you’d better choose solutions that assure you full control over latency and audio and video quality, but without neglecting some important aspects like the presence of the necessary functionalities to ensure engaging and highly interactive virtual meetings.

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What a Single Investment with RHUB Can Do for Your Business

August 21st, 2014

Web conferencing and real-time collaboration tools have come a long way in just the last few years and now offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to save money and operate more efficiently via a remote settings. Today, you have a number of options available when it comes to remote servers and web conferencing. The most common problems that many users encounter with the vast majority of web conferencing solutions today are their limitations and high costs. Most of the web conferencing solutions currently available require users to pay a monthly fee per named user and frequently do not provide a wide breadth of service for that ongoing fee.

RHUB has completely revolutionized the remote web server industry by offering a 6-in-1 solution for a single, one-time cost. With the RHUB 6-in-1 appliance, every department within your organization is able to benefit.

Sales/Marketing Department

With the webinar function, the sales and marketing department is able to take advantage of the opportunity to host remote sales presentations. This is not only a great way for your sales staff to function more efficiently, but also helps your organization to dramatically slash travel costs.

HR Department

Training can easily take up a significant amount of time and other resources. With the RHUB remote server appliance, the HR department can quickly and efficiently provide training to new employees coming on board. As a result, new employees can receive the training they need without the need to wait until the next training session is available. Staff in the HR department are able to ensure that employees are trained more efficiently and effectively.

IT Department

The unattended support option available through RHUB gives the IT department the opportunity to provide remote support to any desktop within your organization regardless of location. This function makes it possible to provide more immediate support, reduce downtime, and slash travel costs.

Engineering Department

Collaboration is the key to any effective engineering department. With RHUB, your engineering department is able to take advantage of interactive collaboration in a remote setting even when they are not able to be in the same location. In addition, meetings can be secure, controlling access, so that sensitive intellectual property can be discussed.

Finance Department

One of the most common reasons that many executives find it difficult to agree on a meeting time is due to schedule conflicts, particularly when the meeting requires traveling. Conduct an executive meeting via a remote online conference without the need to juggle disparate schedules. Again, if confidential financial information is being shared, the meeting can be secured.

Customer Support

Improve your organization’s customer support and customer satisfaction by providing remote support. Customers are assured of receiving more accurate assistance, thus reducing their downtime and improving their overall experience with your company.

Unless you need to remotely access a large number of PCs for unattended support, the TurboMeeting 6-in-1 web conferencing server is easily the best and most affordable choice. By providing the most functions and flexibility for your organization’s various collaboration requirements, RHUB can meet your needs today as well as tomorrow. For a one-time fee, your organization can be assured of a completely scalable solution.

Interested in learning more about the RHUB 6-in-1 solution? Visit or call 1-866-758-0984.

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Prime Care Technologies, Inc. is using RHUB’s TM-600 for Web Conferencing and Sales Presentations

August 28th, 2012

Prime Care Technologies provides information technology services, solutions, and tools to give your company the agility and efficiency to increase revenues, save money, and insure compliance. Because their customers are able to access their critical applications and data anytime from anywhere, they can quickly make decisions and take action with positive results to their operations and bottom line

According to customers of Prime Care Technologies, what differentiate them from the competition are flexibility and the ability to configure IT solutions and services to their customer’s specific needs. This is what keeps them on the cutting edge of customer service. Prime Care Technologies truly partners with their customers to help them achieve their goals and respond quickly to the evolving demands of their unique business environment.

Whether it’s delivering a full-range of cloud-based computing and managed hosting services or complimenting the IT resources their customers already have in place, they play the role and supply the services needed and demanded. For more information about Prime Care Technologies visit

Prime Care Technologies is using RHUB’s TM-600 for web conferencing and sales presentations. For more about RHUB’s products visit –

RHUB Communications is a premier provider of real-time collaboration appliances for the enterprise, which include on-premise web conferencing, video conferencing, audio conferencing, remote support and remote access. The technology is based on the company’s TurboMeeting software that meets the needs of any size organization. RHUB has more than a million end users in a variety of market segments including services, manufacturing, and government. RHUB is privately-owned and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit

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