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What is the best solution for Remote Access?

February 5th, 2017

The technology employed is what really matters in choosing the solution that fits our needs among the many products for remote access available on the market.

Through remote access tools it is possible to get access to pcs and endpoints in order to give tech help or other form of customer support and perform several other IT tasks.  Now, the question that comes up is how to choose among the dozens of products that have been mushrooming in the last few years the best for our needs.

The main point to understand is the relevance of the technology utilized to build the product you are going to buy.This is often what really makes the difference, while GUI  features are – more or less – similar among the several products for remote access that are available on the market today.

On-premise server based or not?

Some products utilize on-premise server based solutions. An outstanding example of this approach is R-HUB`s Turbomeeting suite for high quality audio and video conferencing, remote access and customer support.

The advantages of on-premise servers are mainly their security and reliability: This solution is not only hacker-proof, but it also prevents data leaks and bypasses the problem of spotty connections, as it is not web dependant.

The traditional objections to on-premise servers (mainly the high cost of exercise) are overcome, as R-HUB`s servers are light, silent and small plug-and-play devices that do not need any dedicated IT team. They are able to self-installing and self-upgrading, to the point that they really offer the pros of web based solution without the cons.

Prices are reasonable, as Turbomeeting servers start at a price of $295 and allow up to 3000 participants per room.

Software based solutions.

Usually these solutions request that clients download the necessary software and install it on their pcs. Some platforms that implement this technology are GoToAssist ( ) and LogMeIn ( Intrinsically less secure and reliable than on-premise server based solutions, these products have the great advantage that no hardware is necessary and maintenance costs are zero. If your company does not need a great level of privacy or security, they can be a real good deal.

Among their common features, we remember multi-platform and multi-connection support, zero install, wake ups, restarts, chat, VoIP, audio and video, meetings and presentations.

In one word, they offer a high, scalable integration between the specific features of remote access tools and the features of virtual meeting tools.

Prices vary very much and their pricing models as well. For example, GoToAssist is offered at $55 per month per technician, while LogMeIn is sold at $1299 per year.

In conclusion, an on-premise server-based solution is optimal for companies that need a high level of data protection, while software based products are more indicate for situations where it is admissible a lesser level of privacy/protection of data.

If you are interested in remote access products, you are going to find more resources and materials on R-HUB`s web site

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When You Need to Be in Two Places at Once

September 30th, 2013

In the world of business, events can happen very quickly. This type of high-speed demand can require you to be in more than one place — simultaneously.

Imagine your company is based out of Sacramento, but you’re closing a deal on a merger with your associate in New York City with a third party from Atlanta. So, as you and your Atlanta business partner converge on the gathering in New York, you may have some significant, last-minute details to sort out before the meeting. But time is short. Is this impossible?

Rest assured, it’s not impossible — not anymore. Through the miracle of Web conferencing and Webcast service providers like RHUB, your business can employ effective Webcast solutions that will enable you to finish your planning while you’re en route.

For instance, during your threehour layover at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, instead of watching the cable news channel or munching on airport cinnamon buns, you could wrap up those final merger details with your Atlanta partner in a mobile Web conference.

Investing in RHUB’s mobile conferencing services and online meetings empowers your business and its employees with the ability to connect through live video broadcasting from essentially anywhere. And through RHUB’s remote access capabilities, you can have instantaneous access to your desktop computer.

RHUB’s powerful webcast tools allow your employees to be free from their desks and out and about, representing your company and making connections with prospective customers and clients.

Now employees can be proactively engaged in building more business relationships because mobile devices like smartphones and tablets enable them to connect, even when they’re in transit.

Mobile phones enable your employees to participate in a conference from their own personal devices. These Webcast tools allow you to see who is planning to attend a meeting and to know who is currently speaking while a meeting is in progress. Plus, smartphones permit your employees to text other participants directly, as well as the whole virtual conference room to help facilitate communications.

The mobilization that’s now available through a Webcast company like RHUB can help your business to get outside the office and into this brave new world of 21st century business. And RHUB is ready to assist you. To learn more about our mobile conferencing and remote access solutions, visit our Web site: RHUB.

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