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The Driving Force behind the “Rise of a Remote Support Appliance Such as R-HUB Remote Support Server”

April 13th, 2015


Recently, Bob Evans of Information Week penned an article about the Rise of the Appliance. The article highlighted how the majority of the big-name IT vendors, such as IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and HP, are now introducing optimized software-plus-hardware systems. Such systems are known more simply as appliances.

Evans believes that such appliances could be game changers and, according to him, are “surging into the market because they can help companies of all sorts make the leap into the very different and demanding world of real-time business.”

He goes on to say, “These optimized machines are in full ascendancy at this time because they’re the most powerful and highest-value delivery platforms for some dazzling new software applications and technologies designed to analyze not just bigger mountains of data, but to do so in less time and with greater insights and with almost-unlimited variations.”

Obviously, we agree that the appliance model offers numerous advantages and we also believe there are several other factors currently driving the “rise” of the appliance, particularly as a SaaS product alternative:

Security and Control: We consider this to be a no-brainer. An appliance offers the ability to be installed in-house, under the existing security measures of an IT organization, thus allowing organizations to retain sensitive data in house and ensure it never passes through a third-party server.

Ability to Focus on the Software: When a vendor deploys their solution as software only, they must devote cycles to make certain it is capable of working on varying platforms. This takes time and monetary resources away from investing in the functionality of the software. By partnering with an appliance expert, vendors are able to support new software functionality far faster.

Branding: We are not completely selfless. Obviously, we love that our customers are able to see our bright box each and every day. The physical appliance provides vendors with the opportunity to stay at the forefront of their customers’ minds.

Guaranteed Attendance: When it comes to web conferencing, a conference is only as good as the attendance. If the equipment deployed for the conference is not robust enough to ensure seamless attendance, everything is for naught. It is not uncommon to experience problems with attendees failing to join conferences due to a variety of problems, including blockages and unsupported platforms. The appliance model means that there is absolutely nothing to download. This also means there are no group policies, firewalls, or antivirus to worry about that could prevent attendees from joining meetings. As a result, it becomes possible to guarantee attendance and immediately boost engagement.

If you are currently an R-HUB customer, what drove you to select an appliance over other choices? Are you currently choosing appliance-based solutions for other parts of your business? If not, contact us today at 866-758-0984 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the best remote support appliance model for your organization.

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How Can Remote Access to Your Computers Help Offsite Employees?

February 26th, 2015

Working from home can be great. It gives employees the luxury of having a flexible schedule and working on their own time, and generally allows them to work where they are most comfortable (which is usually their home). For this type of arrangement to work successfully, remote access to a company’s computers is important for all employees that work from home. If you want to help your offsite employees, then you need to provide them with remote access. Below are a few reasons why remote access to your company’s computers is absolutely important.


Reduces their commute


Employees that have remote access to the computers of your company will usually never have to commute to your workplace. This helps offsite employees tremendously, because it means they are able to save time by immediately getting to work the moment they wake up in the morning. For a lot of employees, their daily commute is a significant fraction of their workday. With remote access from home, employees are able to focus more on their job and less on their commute.


Access on business trips


The beauty of remote access to the computers of your business goes beyond aiding offsite employees. Any employee that needs to go on a business trip will have the luxury of having access to the computers of your business no matter where they may be in the world. As long as they have a broadband Internet connection or even access to a 3G or 4G data connection (more on that in a moment), they can access your company’s computers from literally anywhere. This means that work can be accomplished no matter where they are and thus ensuring that productivity has the potential to remain at an all-time high.




We mentioned flexibility a second ago, but it bears repeating once again. Offsite employees that have remote access to your company’s computers will find that working from home and having the same access that every employee in the office has will provide them with enough flexibility that their work will improve as a result. Even if the employee become sick, they will be able to take care of themselves in the comfort of their own home while ensuring that they are still able to work.


It also allows them to plan around life itself. How many times has an employee come to you and asked to take an hour early off of work due to family? Probably more times than you can count. With an offsite employee that works remotely, they will reserve enough time for family while having the freedom to wake up extra early if needed and finish the day’s tasks.


Any device, any time


Offsite employees with remote access to your company’s computers will also be able to use the nearly any mobile device in addition to their laptop and desktop computers. If someone wants to work on their iPad instead of their laptop, they have the freedom to do so. It is yet another reason why remote access for offsite employees is such a great idea!

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Breadth and Depth of Deploying Real-Time Collaboration Tools

January 22nd, 2015

Over the past several years, real-time collaboration tools have matured to the point that the value of such tools has become clearly obvious. In fact, as real-time collaboration tools become easier to use and more oriented toward multimedia and mobile, practically everyone in business can benefit from these tools.

The Benefits of Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Perhaps the biggest benefit offered by real-time collaboration tools is increased productivity. It is now possible to communicate more succinctly and quickly with customers, coworkers, service providers, partners and anyone else with whom you need to communicate regularly using real-time collaboration tools.Along with helping to save time, collaboration tools also help to reduce expenses. Regardless of industry, in every business each employee has associated with him or her a cost of necessary tools that must be provided in order to allow that employee be as productive as possible. Such tools might include a computer, desk, telephone, etc. Companies are increasingly finding that real-time collaboration tools are now a necessity that must be added to the list. Even so, rather than increasing the cost burden of outfitting a new employee, real-time collaboration tools offer a cost-effective solution.

The benefits offered by such tools will naturally vary significantly within a department. Furthermore, the type of tool utilized might also vary among specific departments. In order to manage this environment, many companies will perform ROI estimates to justify both where and when such tools should be deployed. This type of broad-swipe approach, by its very nature, will deny tools to many employees who would be able to ultimately benefit from them. The constraints that such analyses are coping with include cost, multiple vendors for IT support and disparate vendors.

The best practice solution is an approach that allows for easy breadth and depth deployment, such as R-HUB TurboMeeting. With TurboMeetings 6-in-1 approach, every department in a typical business has a tool that can be leveraged for greater productivity. From Webinars to Meeting software to Remote Support and Remote Access, there is a capability for every need.

No Limitations on Usage

One of the most common cost-related problems that many organizations encounter when choosing a real-time collaboration tools is the limitations placed on the number of users. Consequently, the process of deploying such tools in an organization can become very expensive very fast. TurboMeeting’s floating licenses make it essentially free to deploy as deep as you would like in an organization. When the company receives a ROI with just the power users alone, additional return can be gained by providing access to more casual users. There is absolutely no cost for the floating license aspect.

Industry experts continue to point to 2015 as the year of integration. Real-time collaboration tools serve as the lynchpin for such integration. As such tools become increasingly integrated into business processes; employees in all departments are afforded a single place where they can accomplish their work.

Are you interested in learning more about real-time collaboration tools available through RHUB? If so, contact us today at 866-758-0984 or email us at for a demo.

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How RHUB Helped AltaPointe Health Systems Support Multiple Locations

January 13th, 2015

AltaPointe Health Systems is a company providing high quality behavioral health services that are focused on promotion of recovery and wellness. They are offering their services in several counties in Alabama and it seems that their business is expanding more and more. AltaPointe was founded about 60 years ago and today they are the largest regional community behavioral health provider in Alabama. They currently have a staff of 1.100 clinical and non-clinical members. One of the main reasons why AltaPointe is so popular and why the number of people using their service is constantly increasing is the fact that they are following the latest trends in both medicine and technology.

As mentioned before, AltaPointe operates in several counties in Alabama so it is no surprise why they have multiple sites. All these sites need IT support. They have tried using Virtual Private Networks but it turned out that this solution won’t work because it was working very slowly. The reason behind that were certain bandwidth problems. Besides the need for remote support, they needed desktop sharing and web conferencing in order to conduct efficient training sessions. Since this is a large company that constantly hires new employees they need a lot of staff training and these personnel usually comes from different remote locations. This was a really costly activity because they were losing both time and money for travel reimbursement.

All these things have changed once AltaPointe Health purchased a RHUB TM500 Real-Time Collaboration Hub. This RHUB product comes with five meeting rooms and support for 20 users. The TM500 component can conduct multiple, concurrent training and remote support sessions. TurboMeeting allows remote support and web conferencing. Thanks to the appliance of TurboMeeting the staff at AltaPointe had the chance to engage in remote support activities that are not different from those they had for web browsing. All the problems they had with the VPN solution including bandwidth problems were gone. Establishing remote connections was flawless and they didn’t waste time on reconnections or lost connections. The only thing an attendee needs is ID information and link. Once they fill this information they will be connected in the same moment.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of RHUB TM500 Real-Time Collaboration Hub for AltaPointe can be seen in the training costs. The training cost was significantly reduced. New employees didn’t have to lose time by traveling to a certain location where they can get proper training. The company on the other hand didn’t have to pay for travel reimbursement. This means that thanks to RHUB they were able to increase productivity and efficiency too. Since the server supports presence of many attendees at once the training process runs quickly and without any delays. It is no wonder why all of their remote sites use TurboMeeting appliance. The remote support and web conferencing are working all the time. The installation process was fast and went without any problems. On top of that, the software is constantly upgraded for even better performance.

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Benefits From Monitoring Employees` Desktops By Using RHUB And Proper Way Of Doing It

January 8th, 2015

Monitoring employees` desktop computer activities has been an often practice in many companies. There are some positive reasons why to do it, as the Internet access brings many risks that can potentially harm the companies. Some researches show that almost eighty percent of the employees use their work computers for personal and private reasons. If it is done occasionally, it cannot harm the company but if it as an often practice then the workers may become less productive. It also can lead to losing some sensitive work related information, or catching dangerous viruses that can damage the computer and its data.

RHUB is a good way to observe your employees, and to record and control all of your employees’ activity on their computers. This way you will prevent potential damage of losing sensitive and confidential information. With RHUB you can even monitor your children`s activity on the computers.

Monitoring your employees` desktops is beneficial as it ensures that your employees are not putting the company at big risk by viewing or downloading questionable files. Also, by monitoring the activities you can protect your company from hacker attacks and stealing of personal information. Hackers usually attack the networks of the companies, seeking personal information and financial data. If you monitor the computer activity, you can prevent or reduce the risk of the network attacks.

By monitoring the computer activity of your employee you can also see whether he does something that may sabotage your company. If you suspect that he is a problematical person or does not act well on his workplace, then by monitoring his activity you can possibly prevent loss of confidential information. You will also prevent cyber attacks, and will collect information about the degree of the risk your company is being exposed to. By collecting this information, you can create risk management system that will act accordingly in the future.

RHUB efficiently monitors employees` desktops and you can easily control and record the activity of your workers. How does RHUB work? You just log in to an employee computer as an administrator user. After that you should install the TurboMeeting client and schedule a meeting by a remote access. Check the “computer” field and name it like your employee, then log out. From that moment on, you can easily monitor, control and record the activity on that particular computer at any time and from any location that has an internet access.

The ID and password are making sure that the security is at the highest level. If you make an appointment for an internal meeting by checking “only people from my network”, the security will be further raised by the firewall. This will block anyone from outside the firewall to access the computer.

No matter what industry does your company belong, you should always invest and make sure that the online security is at the highest level. By using RHUB and taking the advantages that it provides, you can ensure your employees` productivity and limit the risks for your company.

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