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Remote Healthcare Services and R-HUB’s Web Conferencing Products: A winning pair for Remote Healthcare Assistance

August 21st, 2016

In rural and remote areas, distance poses great problems to both healthcare personnel and patients.The solution is implementing remote healthcare services. Let’s see how R-HUB’s web conferencing products can be really helpful for all those that are involved in remote healthcare assistance.

Not surprisingly, implementing workable remote healthcare services has become a wide-spread solution to several of the many problems posed by distance in rural and remote areas. Not only is remote healthcare assistance able to assure patients a form of quick and immediate help, but it also allows both a good form of remote monitoring and an acceptable level of communication among health personnel, patients and their relatives.

The importance of rural areas must not be underestimated, as 18% of US population still lives in rural areas with a stable trend ( – 0.2% of variation in 2014, according to World Bank:

Common problems to rural areas are usually envisaged as fewer opportunities to have access to health services because of shortages of almost all health professions and health-related infrastructures, older population, higher rate of health risks and health-diseases.

R-HUB’s web conferencing servers have some special features that make them particularly appealing for those who aim to implement workable remote healthcare services. They can be summarized-up in reliability, integration, ease, price.

Reliability: R-HUB’s web conferencing servers are not connection reliant, not being based on hosted services. This solves immediately one of the most common and annoying problems of any remote service in rural areas, that of spotty connections.

Video quality – that is awful through a spotty connection – is particularly important during a video conference, as the doctor must be able to see the patient in great details to understand his conditions.

Integration: R-HUB’s web conferencing servers can be easily integrated with most devices, especially with tablets, I-phones, and smart phones, being R-HUB’s products fully supported by Android, iOS, Windows.

Ease: R-HUB’s web conferencing servers are so small, light, silent and compact that they can be easily set on the shelf of a bookcase. Really plug-and-play devices, they need no maintenance and are self-installing and self-configuring. This is a real plus in rural areas, where there are not IT teams and it is difficult to get help.

Price: An additional problem with rural areas is that implementing services is expensive or not sufficiently remunerative, being customers (and consequently sales) too few.

On this profile, R-HUB’s products allow big cost-cuttings, as both they need no maintenance and IT support; their prices are objectively cheap. In facts, the most expensive R-HUB’s web conferencing servers server costs only 1495 US$

There are other interesting features of R-HUB’s products, like their extremely user-friendly graphic interface that is particularly suitable and easy to use for old people, and the high level of security that is ensured by R-HUB’s on-premise server web conferencing technology.

R-HUB offer a 30 days free trial period and the opportunity to open a free account. This is a great occasion for all those who wish to discover R-HUB and their servers. For further information, please visit their web site at

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