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Six Good Reasons why you should implement Remote Support for Retail Clients

September 12th, 2017

In a globalized economy, enabling remote support for retail clients is a must, as your customers could live three continents away from the headquarters of your organization. Remote support is the only way to effectively help your client, without spending an arm and a leg in building up a net of local agents

Never utilized Amazon? One of the services of this popular platform that customers appreciate most is precisely its fast and efficient remote support. There is no issue that Amazon remote support cannot address often in a couple of days only, which explains the piles of enthusiastic comments left by consumers. The fact that Amazon customer service is one of the main key-factors of success of this multinational on the global market is well known by business experts, at the point that Amazon is often flagged as  a great example of success story for almost every retailers  that aims to work globally.

R-HUB`s TurboMeeting ( allows your organization to implement an efficient and cost-effective remote support, no matter whether you have to support a CMR or a digital display. Thanks to TurboMeeting, your business will then grow fast for at least six good reasons. Let’s see them.

Time Saving

Remote support decreases drastically the time of response, as your technicians can utilize directly the pcs of your customers to solve problems. To understand the importance of the speed of service, consider that a good 78 percent of customers have left a transactions as the support service provided was too poor.

Profit Increase

Saving time plus increasing customer satisfaction, totals earning more profits, as a result of a higher sales volume. This equation sounds elementary, doesn’t it? It is less evident that your organization can drive more resources to revenue producing tasks that way, so that your revenues are further fed.

Fewer Hassles

Through remote support and remote access, technicians can solve many problems directly on your customer’s PC`s. This eliminates a lot of painful steps like spending hours on the phone to understand problems that could be then addressed and solved  in a few minutes. TurboMeeting allows remote support also for unattended computers. In other words, in some few cases your technicians could be able to solve the problem even before your customer get aware of it.

A Larger Market

Remote support is – obviously – the only way to go global without building up a complicated and expensive organization of local agents and retailers that provides your customer with customer help and support. It is also the only way to get out of your local market and grow fast in terms of sales volume, geographical extension and number of customers.

 Prevention Enabled

Thanks to R-HUB remote access servers, your technicians can routinely check your customers’ PC`s and IT infrastructures, in order to detect some potential issues.  You can thus implement a consistent and effective active monitoring as a part of a more general strategy of prevention of potential issues.

Security First

The utilization of an on-premise server based technology by R-HUB assures your organization and your clients the highest level of data protection and security with TurboMeeting, which has been always regarded as the most sensitive and difficult to tackle aspect of any e-commerce.

In conclusion, implementing a good remote support service will speed up time, make your business grow without geographical limits and help you to save money, time and stress, with great advantage for you and your customers.

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