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RHUB Remote Support Servers Are a Great Remote Support Solution

November 6th, 2014

An efficient support center relies on the use of remote desktop software, which allows users to tap into a remote computer and even control it from a remote machine. Remote desktop software offers an array of benefits and exceptional functionality. Even so, it requires time and skill to be able to utilize it with confidence.

Earlier this year, the remote support community was shocked when LogMeIn announced that they would no longer be offering their free service. Despite the fact that the service had been available for ten years, LogMeIn abruptly switched to a paid-only service. Users who had relied on the service for remote control, systems, management, file sharing, business collaboration and data backup were naturally outraged. Media sites even criticized the company for making such a quick change. With the end of the free version of LogMeIn, former users have naturally wondered what their next step should be. Should they pay to continue using the service? Should they go back to trying to provide service over the phone?

It is little wonder that former users were so outraged. Remote desktop support has become increasingly important as technology has continued to grow and evolve. Whether it is troubleshooting a computer issue from a distance or retaining the ability to access critical documents from a remote location, remote desktop support makes it possible to conduct business in a more efficient manner. With LogMeIn shutting the door on numerous clients, questions naturally arose as to potential available solutions.

RHUB remote support servers offer a solution to such questions. RHUB is designed to act as an ideal solution for remote support. Whether you need to assist customers or technology-challenged family and friends over the web, RHUB gives you the ability to do it all. With RHUB, you are able to take control of the other party’s keyboard and mouse remotely. You are able to see everything they see on their screen, via your screen. This makes it possible to efficiently handle a variety of issues without the need to ever leave your location.

If you are searching for an on premise deployment remote support solution, RHUB offers the opportunity to sign up for a free account and then download the software to your device. Users are able to try the software on Windows, iOS, or Mac. Unlike other software trials, there are no limits regarding the number of times that you can download the software. In addition, you are not limited to the number of computers on which it can be installed.

With RHUB remote support server, you have access whenever and wherever you need it. Furthermore, it is available for completely private use.

To learn more about RHUB, browse our user guide, check out our product description or sign up for a free account, call us at 1-866-758-0984. Our support team is always available to assist you in getting started or answering any questions that you may have. Email us at

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