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Help anyone Remotely with R-HUB Remote Support Servers

August 12th, 2016

R-HUB remote support servers provide a great way to help everybody remotely, no matter if he is a technician, a salesman, or simply a friend that needs help. In this post, we will review this precious tool of R-HUB product suite.

Ever been in need of giving or getting remote help? Probably many times, especially for technical issues, like something to fix or a PC that won’t work. Or you have been in a situation where remote help could have sorted things out without the need of the physical (and usually very expensive) presence of a technician. Now, maybe you do not know that remote support sessions are a great way to provide quick and easy remote help, no matter whether it is your sales agent that needs help, or a friend that has problems with its pc.

What is a remote support session? In a remote support session, someone that is called remote supporter can help a customer or another member of the staff to resolve issues through connecting to his laptop, pc, or mobile device. The supporter can also get full control of the remote computer and convert an attended session into an unattended one.  Other features of R-HUB remote supporting are document sharing, fully registration of sessions for auditing or other purposes, and remote access to a pc or laptop by utilizing a mobile, as R-HUB servers fully support Android, IPad and IPhones. Last, it is also possible to run multiple support sessions on the same computer.

In this way, remote help is given without sending someone on the spot, with consequent money saving. There are some other advantages, anyway, like, for example:

  • The remote supporters has the whole documentation at hand and can share easily, documents and knowledge with the person in need;
  • The multiple support session feature allows getting help from a team, even composed of several people that are not physically on the same place.

A R-HUB remote support session is managed through a R-HUB remote support server. Light, small and silent (they have the size of a book and can be easily stored on a shelf of a bookcase) , R-HUB remote support servers are plug-and-play machines, which mean that they start working immediately after being connected to the electricity grid.

Other interesting features common to all R-HUB remote support servers are that they are easy to install and configure, they are self-upgrading, and they need no maintenance or IT dedicated teams.

Price is low. A R-HUB remote support server costs $295 only. On line, free trials are available, all you need do is to open a free account. If you are interested, visit R-HUB web site,

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Improve Customer Support Experience with Remote Support

February 18th, 2014

Customer support is one of the most critical elements that set your firm apart from the competition. In fact, customer service is so important that it can make a difference between retaining a customer and watching them turn their business over to the competition. As the world of business becomes increasingly competitive, it becomes more important than ever to ensure that you provide your customers with exceptional customer service and support.

Trying to explain to a customer over the telephone or email what they should do in order to make a software work or resolve a computer program can be frustrating for your support staff as well as your customer. A remote support program provides the opportunity to greatly improve the overall customer support experience while reducing costs and frustration.

With the RHUB appliance, you gain the benefit of not only remote support, but also collaborative support for the greatest level of customer support. Through the use of the multi-tiered collaborative support option, you can invite two additional colleagues to participate in the support meeting. Each colleague is able to control the supported computer in order to collaborate in resolving the problem. As a result, you can rest assured that your customer will be able to benefit from the most robust customer service possible.

When using remote support for customer support, a variety of issues can be resolved. This is why it is important to select a remote support service that provides a variety of key functions. Collaborative remote support is obviously important, but it is also crucial that you select an appliance that allows you to gain secure control of the remote computer. Additionally, you should be able to institute a remote reboot of the supported computer and automatic reconnection during the support session. Secure unattended remote support can also prove to be beneficial. It should be part of the remote support solutions.

With the ability to switch to training mode during the support session, you can actually switch the presenter to be yourself. This allows the customer to view your screen and gives your support staff the opportunity to actually walk the customer through the resolution to the problem. Also, if you prefer, you can also take advantage of the option to pass your keyboard and mouse function to your customer to increase overall customer satisfaction.

One element that sets the RHUB appliance apart from the competition is in-session online training. This can prove to be particularly beneficial when a customer needs more in-depth experience becoming familiar with your product or service. The RHUB appliance is also unique in that it offers a guaranteed connection as well as collaborative support and knowledge sharing.

Improving customer support is an integral element in expanding your business. With the RHUB remote support appliance, you can take full advantage of the opportunity to interact with your clients and provide exceptional customer service.

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