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Web Conferencing today’s dilemma: Keeping on-premise server based solutions or go cloud?

July 7th, 2016

What to choose between clouds and on-premise servers? On-premise servers are not all the same, so the correct answer depends on the technology of the on-premise server concerned.

Despite what it looks like, the debate between supporters of cloud solutions and supporters of on-premise servers is destined to go on for years. The problem is that new developments in both cloud and server technologies keep on moving the goal posts, so that it is difficult to take a definitive decision for one or another technology.

According to the Yankee Group (they are a group of IT experts), on-premise systems are 60 per cent more expensive than cloud solutions. But it is true? The answer depends on the technology utilized. So, while this is true for traditional on-premise servers, that is not necessarily true for innovative on-premise products, for example, the Californian company R-HUB’s web conferencing servers.

The Yankee Group’s report determines some advantages for cloud solutions. The SaaS (the acronym stands for Software as a Service) allows end users to cut down consistently on many costs that are traditionally associated with on-premise servers, like data centre, hardware, maintenance, installation and configuration, electricity power, staff training and IT personnel, IT infrastructures and networks, not to mention cabinets and space.

This is undoubtedly true for traditional servers that are heavy, cumbersome and noisy machines that require a lot of attention and special cares. So, no doubt that in the traditional computing scenario going cloud is a great solution, even for web conferencing. But what happens if the technology changes? In such a case, is still Yankee Group’s report valid?

In my humble opinion, a revision of the considerations of the report has become necessary at least in the field of web conferencing. In facts, many of the issues raised in the report have been brilliantly solved by the new generation of on-premise web conferencing servers.  A clear example of this assumption are the Californian company R-HUB’s products.

R-HUB’s products are plug-and-play, which means that they are self-installing, self-configuring and self-updating machines. So, bye bye IT team, it is not necessary any longer, neither for maintenance. Similar considerations can be made about the network and the necessary IT infrastructure.  And we have already swept away at least a good half of the traditional on-premise server costs.

Coming to the space needs, R-HUB’s web conferencing servers are so silent and small that they can be set on the shelf of a bookcase. So, no need of rooms and server cabinets. And about staff training, R-HUB utilize a graphic interface that is quite similar to web conferencing services like Skype; in one word, something easy-to-use and very intuitive.

Even in web conferencing, technology runs fast and need continuous refreshing. What seems a rock-hard truth today, it becomes a fallacy tomorrow.

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Review of the Best Remote Support Tools

July 18th, 2015

Managing your own computer from afar or even troubleshooting a family member’s PC without being in front of it is much easier when you have a good remote desktop utility on which to rely. With so many different options available; however, you may find yourself wondering which remote desktop utility is best and will meet your specific needs. Below we take a look at the top remote desktop and management tools to assist you in determining which option will help to make your remote support needs a little easier.



R-HUBTM (which stands for Real-Time Collaboration HUB and is pronounced as R HUB) is a premier provider of web conferencing, remote support, audio conferencing, and desktop video conferencing servers that meet the needs of service providers as well as any organization that needs a reliable support tool.

Unlike competing solutions based on named licenses, every employee can use the R-HUB productivity tools without any extra costs thanks to the R-HUB floating license model. R-HUB’s patented breakthrough “Universal Attendance” technology enables users of any platform to join meetings by using an Internet browser and requiring no download of any additional software. Connect, collaborate, and engage others as often as needed, with ultimate on premise security, simplicity, speed, integration, and branding. As a result, organizations and service providers are able to work more efficiently while saving both time and money.


LogMeIn is a remote PC access company that allows you to access your work computer or even a distant computer from your own home using your home desktop or laptop. This comes in handy if you forget files at your office and don’t like driving all the way back to the office in order to retrieve them. It could also be used when traveling out of town or even out of the country and you do not have vital files with you. LogMeIn grants you complete control over your work computer or a distant computer from the comfort of your own home by simply installing their software and then getting back to work.


TeamViewer is the remote support tool of choice for many geeks. It can be used in several different ways. You can direct your partner to download the TeamViewer QuickSupport application, which you can run without needing administrator access or any system configuration. It will give them a session ID and password that they can give to you, thus allowing you to easily remotely connect from your TeamViewer program.

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is a completely portable remote access program that’s extremely simple to set up. It works by connecting one computer to another via an ID supplied by the program.


AeroAdmin is probably the easiest program to use for free remote access. There are hardly any settings, and everything is quick and to the point, which is perfect for spontaneous support.

To obtain more information about R-HUB Products and even receive a free trial, contact us at 1-866-758-0984 or email us at

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