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How to make your Video Session Successful and Fruitful

February 11th, 2018

Video conferences are undoubtedly helpful to communicate with your remote team. But how to make the most of it? Preparation, etiquette and body language are the three key tips that every user should follow

Today, video conferencing is like the washing machine; it is that kind of technology that has so much pervaded our daily life that is impossible to get rid of. However, there is also room to improve, no matter how much experience we have with video conferences.  These three tips will help you to make your video sessions successful and fruitful, by making the most of your video conferencing technology.

1- Choose the right video conferencing tool for your needs

Video conferences rely necessarily on technology. Therefore, you’d better have the right tool for your needs. However, choosing among the hundreds of solutions that are available on the market today is difficult. While small startups could find an on-cloud based app convenient, larger organizations could profit more from an all-in one, integrated solution like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting (

This line of very compact, silent, self-configuring and self-installing conferencing servers offer you all the advantages of both on-premise servers based and software based video conferencing solutions. Then, you will enjoy a very affordable product that assures you the best in terms of security and speed/quality for real time collaboration, but without the usual pains in the neck of servers, in particular without maintenance costs and the need of a devoted room to lodge the servers.

The best approach is to fill a list with your needs/requirements, and then compare them with the features of each solution that is available in your area/country. Then, the right choice for you should stand out almost immediately.

2- Study and practice etiquette

Hobbes, the great English philosopher, taught us that rules are important, as they save us from the wild and harmful state of nature and allow humans to live together in a society. Same in the digital world: netiquette helps humans to cooperate and communicate, without some few basic rules a video conference would be so chaotic that many participants would log off immediately.

Netiquette is more complicated than ordinary etiquette, as it is important to keep into consideration the particular features of video conferencing technology. For example, it is fundamental to avoid voice overlapping, as it could severely affect the same data transmission of the session.

3- Prepare yourself for your virtual meetings

Virtual meetings must be carefully planned and prepared, probably even more then real meetings, because here there is also the difficulty of the use of video conferencing technology. Therefore, check in advance your camera, audio, headphones and background, and adjust these devices when it is necessary.

Dress properly and prepare every document you wish to share. The room where you are going to stay should be silent and properly lit. Your desktop could become visible during the session; then, you’d better close every folder or document that is not pertinent with the topic of the discussion.

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