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How to make the most of a Conference Call?

September 28th, 2016

Conference calls have become an important mean of communication for almost everybody. Though, we are not yet used to taking the best advantages from them. So, how to make the most of a conference calls? Here come some few tips.

Distribute an Agenda. Participants need to know the topics of the discussion in advance, in order to be able to prepare their contributions.

Make the introductions. That’s not only a matter of being polite; to recognize the other participants, the new entries need to know each other’s voice.

Have conference calls only when it is necessary. Call a conference only when in-depth dialogue is required. In many other cases, an e-mail exchange works better.

Establish meeting timing. Setting a time structure (start, break and end) will give structure to your conference.

Want participants to keep focus on the conference. Multitasking and conference calls do not get along well. So, please no emails, no phone calls, no other disrupts.

Schedule the guests and their speeches. Through your agenda, set the order of speaking and the max time that is allowed to speakers, in order to avoid wasting time.

Delegate roles. Don’t do everything. Ask someone to help you with clerical tasks, like tracking the time.

Give to each point in the agenda the right amount of time. Not all issues require the same amount of time to be settled; try to dismiss every issue as quickly as possible.

Get through the agenda. First, deal with the matters already set on the agenda; the rest can wait. This approach prevents side-tracking and time loss.

Invite only the people that are really necessary. The others will thank you warmly for that.

Limit the participants. The more opinions circulate, the harder it becomes to keep track of who is speaking, and the less useful the meeting is.

Wait your turn. Meeting on the phone wants more concentration than meeting in person. So, please do not interrupt. Be patient, and wait your turn.

Summarize and follow up. After any conference call, spend some time to email the list of resolutions to all participants. Outline the issues that must be explored further, and don’t forget to thank everyone for his or her participation.

learn the ropes. Familiarize yourself with the many functions of the conference call service before your call.

Take down notes. This will help you to retain information and pay attention.

Use visuals only when necessary.  Use them only in situations that call for the visual representations.

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