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8 Best Practices to avoid the most common Video Conferencing Issues

December 12th, 2017

Video conferencing is a useful tool that really adds value to your daily activities; unfortunately, it can also turn into a real nightmare when some few best practices are not respected.

Today, it is difficult to meet someone that does not know video conferences or has no experience in communication through this popular medium. Unfortunately, it is also very common to meet users that complain about the so-many video-conferencing issues. Therefore, if you plan to host a video call, you’d better be aware of the main problems connected with the use of this technology and know the relative countermeasures and better practices to prevent/fix them:

Avoid background noise. Please avoid that your guests have to hear your dog’s barfs and your babies’ cries during your video conferences. Remember that background noises not only impede communication, but they also give a very poor impression of you on your virtual guests.

Mute yourself (and your guests) when necessary. Many times we have to perform secondary tasks while sitting in a video call, for example to answer the phone or sending some messages. Unluckily, these activities create some noise and distract participants; fortunately, every video conferencing tool has a specific function to mute yourself and your guests. You do use it.

Avoid spotty connections. Getting disconnected from a video conferencing is one of the worst experiences you can have. For this reason, it is important to check the quality of one’s own connection and ask participants to do the same.

Prevent any static and interferences. While it is true that technology has its limit, it is also true that simply muting one’s phone until the moment to speak comes along is generally enough to avoid this annoying problem.

Introduce yourself before speaking and ask every guest to do the same. Especially when there are many participants, it is easy to forget the names of some of them, even though the names are labelled under the icon of each individual participant. Therefore, asking everyone to in introduce oneself to each other is always a great idea, because your guests remember better the names of the others in this way.

Mute echo central. What is that? Nothing else than an unexplainable echo during a video call that can be very irritating. When it happens, you need to ask participants to redial in.

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