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The Secret of an Easy Remote Support

May 25th, 2017

When your remote support team is in the condition to work smoothly, they get automatically able to deliver a faster and more effective service with subsequent better satisfaction of your customers. Let’s quickly see the common best practices to make your remote support work easily and steadily.

Never neglect the importance of things like remote support. The most of your customers will judge your company mainly on the base of the support they will get from you. So, how to make your remote support more effective? A strategy is to put your remote support team in the best conditions to work, as a happy worker is often a great assistant. Let’s go through the best practices to do that.

Choose the right tools. Your remote support team members have necessarily to utilize a tool for remote supporting to deliver their services. Prefer products with an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI, like R-HUB`s Remote Support Server In general, ergonomics is one of the aspect that designers take care of. But it is also important that the remote support product you are going to buy has all the functionality your team requires. So, it is not a bad idea to ask your workers their opinions before wasting your money on a product that is difficult to use.

Give your workers headsets. Your remote support team should adopt headsets and Bluetooth and abandon telephones. The reason is quite simple: smartphones and standard phones propped up between your workers’ heads and shoulders are one of the main causes of bad postural positions with consequent neck pains. And someone with neck pains is not going to service customers in the best possible way.

Assure your workers are silent and free-of-distraction environment. Remote support requires dedication and attention. On the other hand, your customers need to feel that the technicians that are serving them give them all their attention. Therefore, the working environment of your remote support team must be clean, relaxing and silent.

Take care of connections. It is difficult to imagine something more annoying than a spotting connection that fails at the climax of the conversation. So, do not save money on networks, lines, cables and connections. Again, better an on-premise server based solution, like R-HUB remote support server, than web browser based solutions, as it ensures safer and reliable connections between your organization and your customers.

Train your technicians. A good technician is not necessarily polite and good-mannered, or gifted with good communication skills. Yet, these qualities are important to deliver a good service. Fortunately, your team can be trained to excel even in these tricky areas today. Invest some money also on education and training, and you will never regret it. Remember that machines are important, but never as much important as the human factor.

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