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Hosting Teleconferences through R-HUB – 6 easy tips to improve your guests’ experience

August 8th, 2016

Introductions, participation, order, agenda, roll calls and refreshers:6 easy-to-remember tips that willgreatly enhance the quality of your virtual meetings

Being a host of a teleconference – no matter whether it is an audio conference or a video conference – is not an easy task as it may seem at first sight. Indeed, the host plays a vital role, and he is the real responsible of the final outcome of the conference at the end of the day.It is up to the host to arrange meetings, invite guests and control that everything goes smooth during any step of the teleconference.

What shall a host do to ensure that a virtual meeting is hitch free? Here come six easy tips that can really help you to be a perfect host.

  • Introductions. Hosts must politely introduce themselves and invite all participants to do the same. This is important not only because participants are given the opportunity to know each other in this way, but also because it helps them to recognize each other’s voices.
  • Participation. Ensure that equal opportunities to contribute to the meeting are given to all participants. Keep a list of all the names of the participants, and invite quiet members to express their opinions. Remember that the “Raise your hand” feature is very useful to get the attention of the host.
  • Order. Be the master of the meeting. Avoid people speaking over each other, or unfriendly behaviors, like those participants that impolitely butt in on another participant’s speech being unable to await their turn.
  • Agenda. Don’t let the discussion be driven off rail. Keep participants focused on the object of the meeting.
  • Roll calls.It is important to give any new participant that join the meeting later, an opportunity to introduce themselves.
  • Refreshers. It is important to stop and summarize-up from time to time. It provides context to the last comers, and allows you to scroll down to the next point on the list.

Have you already hosted a teleconference? If you wish to give us your suggestions or ideas, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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