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How You Should Monitor Employee Desktops with RHUB

January 28th, 2014

Monitoring the computer activity of employees has become increasingly common among many businesses. There is certainly good reason to do so, as Internet access is associated with a number of risks that could leave your business vulnerable. Employee surveys have revealed that approximately 70 percent of employees who have access to the Internet at work have gone online for personal reasons at least once. While occasionally going online at work might seem rather harmless, it can lead to reduced productivity, the loss of confidential information, and exposure to dangerous downloads.

The prevention of time wasting is certainly one reason to keep tabs on your employees’ desktops, but most businesses do so in order to ensure that confidential information or files are not leaked. This can be particularly true in the case of sensitive financial information. Monitoring employee desktops can also help to ensure that your employees are not putting your company at risk by viewing questionable materials, including pornographic materials, online while at work. In addition to being inappropriate, viewing such materials in a professional environment could result in a sexual harassment incident if it is noticed by another employee who is offended.

Monitoring online activity also helps to protect your business from infiltration by hackers. It is not uncommon for hackers to attempt to enter the network of large businesses in order to obtain confidential financial data. By monitoring online usage, you can help to dramatically reduce the risk of an illegal entry in your company’s database.

The same is also true of virus prevention. While the Internet has significantly transformed the world and opened a world of possibilities, it can also be a dangerous place without adequate protections in place. The erection of firewalls can provide some protection from the transmission of viruses to your company network. Monitoring employee activity online can provide further backup support to protect your network from becoming the victim of a nasty virus.

Chatting with friends through instant messaging and clicking around the Internet can be not only addictive but also a time sink. As a result, it can rapidly consume productivity within any business. By keeping an eye on the activity of your employees, you can ensure that they are actually working and not wasting time online while they are on the clock.

With the RHUB appliance, you gain the ability to monitor your employees’ desktops in an efficient manner. Along with monitoring employee desktops, the RHUB appliance also allows you to control and record activity. In order to take advantage of this ability with RHUB, you simply need to log into the employee’s computer as an administrator user. Install the meeting client and schedule a meeting via remote access. Ensure that the checkbox to hide the meeting is checked and then log out. From this point, you will have the ability to monitor as well as control and record the activity of that computer from any location and at any time.

The monitoring can be recorded also. The recording can be used for reference when needed.

Regardless of your industry, online security is critical. By taking advantage of the ability to monitor your employees’ online activity with RHUB, you can limit your company’s liability and boost productivity.

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