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Why Choose RHUB Audio Conferencing Solutions

January 27th, 2015

There are many audio conferencing solutions on the market today, so one may wonder why RHUB’s TurboConferencing is the best solution for them. Unlike many other audio conferencing services, this one integrates traditional telephones with VoIP (computer speakers and microphones), video conferencing and web conferencing. All these things allow RHUB Audio Conferencing services to provide the following advantages that cannot be found in other audio conferencing products.

1. It will save you money

It is up to the host to choose whether they will use paid audio or free audio for each individual meeting they organize. In other words, hosts need to pay only for an audio session when needed for certain meetings. Paid audio sessions won’t cost you much because they cost as low as 3.9 cents per minute. Callers using computers to make the call can use this service for free no matter if the session is paid or free.

2. It reaches many countries

You can dial-in with domestic tool numbers in 17 countries for free audio. You can also dial-in with toll or toll-free numbers in 28 countries for paid audio. Of course, you can always join in from any computer that has internet access by using a microphone and speakers.

3. It provides rich-media recording

Thanks to RHUB audio conferencing solutions you can record different type of media. For example, you can record computer screen updates and voices of regular phone callers and computer callers. In addition you can record webcam images. What is even better you can play or publish these media recording in Flash and other popular formats which can make this process a lot easier. This is an option that you can’t find in other audio conferencing options.

4. You can get real-time reports

With the help of RHUB audio conferencing solutions users are able to get information and reports on all call details. These details include access codes, host names, caller numbers, star and end time (duration) and cost. This is a very practical option that can help you make analysis.

5. It provides excellent control

The hosts using this audio conference product are able to display active speakers at any time and mute unmute anyone or everyone with few clicks. In addition, they can use self-mute or self-unmute option through their computers or phones and raise hands via computers or phones. Finally, they can also schedule audio conference.

6. It allows PBX integration

This is only an optional feature for those who are planning to buy this product. This feature is free for internal PBX callers. With the help of this interesting feature, users can extend conferencing based on PBX and include hundreds or even thousands of participants from 28 countries and computers via internet.

7. It provides high audio quality for enterprises

RHUB and their team of experts have carefully chosen premium quality telecom carriers from all over the world in order to provide customers high quality audio services. Their services can be used for free for a certain period of time.

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Breadth and Depth of Deploying Real-Time Collaboration Tools

January 22nd, 2015

Over the past several years, real-time collaboration tools have matured to the point that the value of such tools has become clearly obvious. In fact, as real-time collaboration tools become easier to use and more oriented toward multimedia and mobile, practically everyone in business can benefit from these tools.

The Benefits of Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Perhaps the biggest benefit offered by real-time collaboration tools is increased productivity. It is now possible to communicate more succinctly and quickly with customers, coworkers, service providers, partners and anyone else with whom you need to communicate regularly using real-time collaboration tools.Along with helping to save time, collaboration tools also help to reduce expenses. Regardless of industry, in every business each employee has associated with him or her a cost of necessary tools that must be provided in order to allow that employee be as productive as possible. Such tools might include a computer, desk, telephone, etc. Companies are increasingly finding that real-time collaboration tools are now a necessity that must be added to the list. Even so, rather than increasing the cost burden of outfitting a new employee, real-time collaboration tools offer a cost-effective solution.

The benefits offered by such tools will naturally vary significantly within a department. Furthermore, the type of tool utilized might also vary among specific departments. In order to manage this environment, many companies will perform ROI estimates to justify both where and when such tools should be deployed. This type of broad-swipe approach, by its very nature, will deny tools to many employees who would be able to ultimately benefit from them. The constraints that such analyses are coping with include cost, multiple vendors for IT support and disparate vendors.

The best practice solution is an approach that allows for easy breadth and depth deployment, such as R-HUB TurboMeeting. With TurboMeetings 6-in-1 approach, every department in a typical business has a tool that can be leveraged for greater productivity. From Webinars to Meeting software to Remote Support and Remote Access, there is a capability for every need.

No Limitations on Usage

One of the most common cost-related problems that many organizations encounter when choosing a real-time collaboration tools is the limitations placed on the number of users. Consequently, the process of deploying such tools in an organization can become very expensive very fast. TurboMeeting’s floating licenses make it essentially free to deploy as deep as you would like in an organization. When the company receives a ROI with just the power users alone, additional return can be gained by providing access to more casual users. There is absolutely no cost for the floating license aspect.

Industry experts continue to point to 2015 as the year of integration. Real-time collaboration tools serve as the lynchpin for such integration. As such tools become increasingly integrated into business processes; employees in all departments are afforded a single place where they can accomplish their work.

Are you interested in learning more about real-time collaboration tools available through RHUB? If so, contact us today at 866-758-0984 or email us at for a demo.

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Guaranteed Web Conference Attendance from any Platform, Even from your Future iPad

February 3rd, 2010

The iPad was finally introduced to the world last week after month of speculation. Now that the initial excitement has finally settled, somewhat, people are looking more into what iPad has to offer, or the lack thereof. When the iPad was revealed at the Moscone last Wednesday, one of feature people found lacking was that it only supports one app at a time. To add to it, iPad doesn”t support flash.

But despite its lacking in some areas, there is definitely potential with iPad being an on-the-go work tool. A portable device coveted by road warriors and frequent travelers. Given its crisp and vibrant 9.7 inch display, and a 1024×768 screen resolution, the iPad is great for browsing online and reading documents. There is already announcement made by companies about creating a remote access app for the iPad, so you will be able to access your desktop with all the different applications running on it.

But for those who are not looking for a replacement to their laptops, and will be using the iPad for mostly reading books and browsing the web, the lack of flash support is a major drawback. For business users who are frequently on the road and need to attend meeting and seminars online, they would still need their laptops in order to attend as many online conferencing services requires flash and downloads to run.

RHUB”s universal attendance technology allows for anyone to join a meeting as long as they can open up a browser and have access to the internet. And for those concerned with a lack of flash support on the iPad, not to worry. RHUB”s web-based viewing support both flash and non-flash users. So as long you”re connected to the internet, whether through Wi-Fi or the more costly 3G option, you will be able to attend meetings and webinars, guaranteed. Now whether or not you’ll be able to get connection on the AT&T network is a whole other problem.

What are your thoughts, will you be getting an iPad?

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RHUB Joins the BusinessPoint Live Internet Business Center to Offer Web Conferencing to Thousands of Small Businesses in the US and Europe

October 22nd, 2009

RHUB Communications, Inc. (RHUB), the provider of TurboMeeting Web conferencing
solutions, today announced a partnership with IBC Technology Ltd, the worldwide
developer of BusinessPoint Live (BPL), to offer GoMeetNow, the hosted
implementation of TurboMeeting, integrated into the BPL Internet Business
Center. BusinessPoint Live services thousands of small businesses online in the
UK and US by helping firms to find and qualify advice on business issues from
professional suppliers who can turn advice into results. The platform includes
easy to use applications that help execute secure transactions using a range of
content management and structured collaborative services. The end-to-end “advice
to execution” process makes businesses more productive, able to seize
opportunities, and survive low business cycles, disruptions and risk.

Now, with the availability of GoMeetNow on the BPL Network, small businesses
across the globe will have access to a powerful collaboration tool that allows
them to manage a whole host of online business initiatives. Some of those
activities include conducting online meetings with partners and employees,
facilitating live product demos, or even managing sales presentations with new
prospects and customers. Moreover, GoMeetNow complements the rich set of tools
and solutions already provided on the BPL Network.

“GoMeetNow is an ideal platform for hosted partners such as BPL because of its
rich set of features including the ability to broadcast a Webcam of the
presenter and its unique `No Download` mode,” said Jodie Hughes, CEO for IBC
Technology Ltd. “We are pleased to welcome RHUB`s GoMeetNow to the BusinessPoint
Live catalogue of services.”

Users can activate the WebCam feature allowing them to get up close and personal
during their online meetings. GoMeetNow also delivers the first “Guaranteed
Attendance with No Download” Web Conferencing solution in the marketplace,
meaning everyone is guaranteed to be able to join a meeting even if they don`t
have Flash or Java downloaded on their computer.

To learn more about RHUB`s GoMeetNow hosted solution, visit
To learn more about RHUB`s TurboMeeting On Premise solution visit

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Web Conferencing Hits the iPhone

September 24th, 2009

Iphone – the feature rich device that has taken the world by storm has entered another arena, web meetings. According to news reports a new application was recently created for this popular smart phone that allows users to schedule online meetings and view meeting agenda among other features.
The application was created by TimeBridge, a company that specializes in software for setting up and running meetings online. One of their more popular offerings issues a SMS reminder prior to when a scheduled meeting is about to start. This is known as the Meeting Time Messenger SMS notification tool. (This new application won’t be available until October and is currently going through Apple’s approval process.)

Apple has always presented itself with something akin to an air of exclusivity. Owners of Apple computers have for years seemed to be part of an unofficial club. Given that their prices tend to be higher than PCs that trend has continued, although they have trotted out smaller laptops in recent years that are a bit easier on most pockets. The iPhone however is a bit different. Not everyone who owns one is necessarily an Apple devotee. Many computer users who insist they will never trade in the reliable PC for a Mac are huge iPhone fans.

What will this do for web conferencing? It seems that many have embraced this new idea. Larger players in the market are already making online meetings a relatively simple and convenient procedure by integrating web conferencing with the iPhone.

We at RHUB have developed a universal attendance technology that allows for anyone to join a meeting as long as they can open up a browser and have access to the internet. What does this mean for phones? As long as your phone has 3G capabilities, you are able to attend the meeting. Therefore, there are never any issues with attending meetings when using TurboMeeting. Like what the spokesman for the Men’s Warehouse says: “I guarantee it!”

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