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Don’t Be Afraid! “Universal Attendance” Is Guaranteed

October 9th, 2013

Since October is here and jack-o’-lanterns
are starting to adorn neighborhood
porches. RHUB has two scary stories for
you from the world of Web conferencing.
Have either of the following nightmarish
scenarios ever happened to you?

Scary Story 1:
You have a great new
product line that you’re
genuinely excited about
releasing. You’ve developed it for months, and the time has finally come to present it to the board and to other key investors. And since your major contacts are all remotely located, you decide the best way to pitch your product is during a big Webcast event. All these busy people are finally confirmed and planning to attend.

But it’s time to begin and your attendance numbers are very low. Worse yet — your primary investors aren’t present. What happened?

They actually tried to show up, but they were unable to join your live event Webcast because some of their computers were locked down under the protection of their corporate I.T. policies, which have prevented them from installing your Webcasting software. And others were not permitted to attend because of similar firewall and server blockages. Heartbreaking. Or what about this terrifying scenario?

Scary Story 2:
Something has gone wrong with your biggest client’s account. Time is of the essence. You’re absolutely positive that you can clear up the misunderstanding and right the ship again, if you can just coordinate a quick video Webcast with the client and your sales team. No problem. You should be able to save your top account and have everything resolved before dinner time.

Your live Webcast has been scheduled. The client is giving you a chance to make things right. Your nervous sales team is connected with you … but your V.I.P. client never shows. But she tried! What happened? Was it an anti-virus or anti-spy software blockage? Was she running an unsupported platform, like Mac, Linux or Unix? Or was it something like a wrong (or missing) Java Virtual Machine or Flash installation? Who knows? In fact, you’ll never know … because that client is gone forever.

RHUB: A Happy Ending
In a competitive business world, these types of horror stories are indeed scary, and unfortunately, true. But never fear — RHUB is here with the first Web conferencing solution that’s truly capable of guaranteeing what we call “universal attendance,” which means everybody can attend.

That’s right! For your view-only attendees, there is nothing to download, which means that no firewalls or group policies or anti-virus protection can prevent your intended attendees from joining your meetings. We can literally guarantee the attendance!

And by the way, when your attendees join an RHUB Web conference production, it is fast. It takes fewer than five seconds — not minutes — to join a meeting.

Another reason we call it “universal attendance” is because your attendees can join a meeting from any operating system, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc., as well as any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device with a browser.

So, with 100 percent attendance guaranteed, the only things in the cold outside your meeting doors this fall will be trick-or-treaters, not your would-be attendees. RHUB invites you to let go of tricky Web conferencing solutions and treat yourself to the sweet guarantee of universal attendance. Visit our Web site to learn more: RHUB.

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