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RHUB Remote Support Servers Help You to Be There without Going There

October 16th, 2014

In just the last few years, the process of providing computer support has changed dramatically. In the past, when providing computer support, you would need to pack all of your CDs, drivers, install files, patches, and toolkit before heading over to the client’s location. Once you arrived, you would then proceed to spend the next several hours attempting to discern the problem and repair it. In the event that the repair proved to be more complex than planned, you might even need to make more than one trip to the client’s location. As a result, what should have been a simple fix could often turn out to be time-consuming and expensive in terms of travel expenses and the time detracted from your other tasks.

Remote support has changed all of that. Now, instead of packing a small suitcase of everything required to make the repairs and then visiting the location in person, you can provide support without ever needing to leave your office.

This is precisely the type assistance that RHUB remote support servers can provide. With remote support, you can take advantage of the equipment that you need around the clock from any location in the world where you have Internet access. Whether it is a laptop, work computer, or server, you can have access 24/7. This means that you can provide superior customer service without taking time away from other tasks and without incurring any travel expenses. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The RHUB iOS app provides even greater ability to access computers and is only limited by the quality of the Internet connection. Even with just a broadband connection and a minimum data transfer speed, you can still begin a remote session with another machine.

All it takes is directing the other party to a URL to begin a remote session, start the screen sharing, file sharing, and command line capability, and you are ready to begin troubleshooting the other computer. You can even remotely reboot the device and have it reconnect again. Whatever you would need to do while onsite can be handled in a remote manner. You can also take advantage of screen sharing if you need to demonstrate something to the other party.

When there is a problem with a computer system, it naturally needs to be fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is precisely what RHUB allows you to do. Whatever the issue may be, RHUB remote support gives you the ability to work on the computer in the same manner as if you were right there, without the need to expend resources. This can prove to be a tremendous time saver while also providing significant financial benefits, including the ability to save on travel expenses.

RHUB actually lets you be there without the need to actually go there. To learn more about RHUB products and how they can benefit your operations, please visit or contact us at 866-758-0984.

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