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Use RHUB’s VOIP for Better Communication in Relation to VoLTE

May 19th, 2014

While 4G has certainly enabled us to accomplish more much faster, it is not static. Voice over Long-term Evolution (VoLTE) is the next generation of 4G wireless networks. VoLTE is a standards-based technology that is necessary for the support of voice calls on an LTE network, the advanced data networking technology that offers the benefit of high bandwidth. Therefore, it is capable of support voice capability.

The ever-increasing demands of mobile technology, combined with the need for higher quality audio than is available over the cell network, is the driving force behind VoLTE. VoLTE makes it possible to enhance the efficiency of networks. Most current networks are actually hybrids. It is anticipated that voice traffic will continue to run on 2G and 3G networks, while data traffic will run over a 4G network. This translates to faster run times for data. Later this year, many networks will begin marketing and intensively pushing VoLTE.

With that said, along with VoLTE, VOIP over the mobile data network will be the new trend moving forward. This is because phone voice quality has declined significantly due to the massive success of the cellular network. As a result, there is now a tremendous amount of traffic on the cellular network. Cell-based calls have now grown worse in terms of quality with numerous breakups in communication compared to the old-fashioned PSTN systems. With the advent of VoLTE, voice quality has improved substantially. Most mobile users will now join meetings using VOIP rather than the cell network to take advantage of improved voice quality.

VOIP in relation to VoLTE offers a variety of distinct advantages to users and businesses in terms of improved voice communication. This is because data networks allow for more efficient use of bandwidth. VoLTE makes it possible for carriers to free their networks for the support of more data services so that they are able to pass this capability onto businesses through a more selective and scalable social package.

VoLTE will also enable businesses to enjoy better voice quality for communication, as voice will be treated as data app. This makes voice carried over circuit switched networks more efficient. Ultimately, this allows for a faster and more efficient way of conducting business and gaining new customers through an improved productivity margin.

RHUB web conferencing servers in relation with VoLTE provide integrated RHUB audio conferencing, wherein regardless of how you or your attendees use phones (PSTN) or computer headsets (VOIP), all of your attendees are able to converse together. You can even benefit by recording and replaying an entire meeting session that includes everyone’s voices and the presenter’s screen updates. You can also choose to individually mute/un-mute callers (PSTN or VOIP) and view who is speaking.

Recently, RHUB released the new 5.1 version for hosting and joining online meetings from iPads and iPhones. The new version offers integration between the RHUB integrated audio conferencing and customers’ PBX or third-party audio conferencing systems by service providers. For more information about RHUB products, visit or call on 866-758-0984.

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