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Use RHUB’s VOIP for Better Communication in Relation to VoLTE

May 19th, 2014

While 4G has certainly enabled us to accomplish more much faster, it is not static. Voice over Long-term Evolution (VoLTE) is the next generation of 4G wireless networks. VoLTE is a standards-based technology that is necessary for the support of voice calls on an LTE network, the advanced data networking technology that offers the benefit of high bandwidth. Therefore, it is capable of support voice capability.

The ever-increasing demands of mobile technology, combined with the need for higher quality audio than is available over the cell network, is the driving force behind VoLTE. VoLTE makes it possible to enhance the efficiency of networks. Most current networks are actually hybrids. It is anticipated that voice traffic will continue to run on 2G and 3G networks, while data traffic will run over a 4G network. This translates to faster run times for data. Later this year, many networks will begin marketing and intensively pushing VoLTE.

With that said, along with VoLTE, VOIP over the mobile data network will be the new trend moving forward. This is because phone voice quality has declined significantly due to the massive success of the cellular network. As a result, there is now a tremendous amount of traffic on the cellular network. Cell-based calls have now grown worse in terms of quality with numerous breakups in communication compared to the old-fashioned PSTN systems. With the advent of VoLTE, voice quality has improved substantially. Most mobile users will now join meetings using VOIP rather than the cell network to take advantage of improved voice quality.

VOIP in relation to VoLTE offers a variety of distinct advantages to users and businesses in terms of improved voice communication. This is because data networks allow for more efficient use of bandwidth. VoLTE makes it possible for carriers to free their networks for the support of more data services so that they are able to pass this capability onto businesses through a more selective and scalable social package.

VoLTE will also enable businesses to enjoy better voice quality for communication, as voice will be treated as data app. This makes voice carried over circuit switched networks more efficient. Ultimately, this allows for a faster and more efficient way of conducting business and gaining new customers through an improved productivity margin.

RHUB web conferencing servers in relation with VoLTE provide integrated RHUB audio conferencing, wherein regardless of how you or your attendees use phones (PSTN) or computer headsets (VOIP), all of your attendees are able to converse together. You can even benefit by recording and replaying an entire meeting session that includes everyone’s voices and the presenter’s screen updates. You can also choose to individually mute/un-mute callers (PSTN or VOIP) and view who is speaking.

Recently, RHUB released the new 5.1 version for hosting and joining online meetings from iPads and iPhones. The new version offers integration between the RHUB integrated audio conferencing and customers’ PBX or third-party audio conferencing systems by service providers. For more information about RHUB products, visit or call on 866-758-0984.

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RHUB Webinars and How to Look Like a Million Dollars

January 26th, 2014

It was designed to get attention, and get attention it did. Cartier’s spectacular three-and-a-half minute commercial reputedly cost four million euros. The ad, featuring three leopards and a life-sized replica of a 1906 biplane, ran in its full glory on TV. If you saw it, you remember it, just as Cartier intended.

You may not be spending 4 million euros on a TV ad, but the face you present to the world should be as memorable as if you had spent big bucks and hired three leopards. Your webinar presentations are a critical piece of your branding, and you want them to look as glossy and sleek as if a big-name agency produced them. To that end, you need to be sure your webinar platform is as professional as your presentation. Here are some things to consider.

1. Is it easy to join your webinar? Few things make you look more unprofessional than a webinar that’s difficult or even impossible for attendees to join. With an RHUB appliance, nothing could be simpler than attending your webinar. Attendees can join your meeting within five seconds. No download of any kind is required. Firewalls and antiviruses are no problem. We guarantee attendance!

2. Do you need to give the floor to other people during your presentation? If you want more then one person to host, how expensive will that be? The RHUB appliance allows many people to host, and thanks to the RHUB pricing model, this won’t represent an extra expense at all.

3. What’s the learning curve? You want to have a webinar platform that’s easy enough to learn that anyone in your organization can do a presentation and look good doing it. Our appliance is designed to be used by everybody, and it’s very user friendly.

4. Is there an extra fee hidden in the platform you’ve chosen for VoIP or webinars? With RHUB the pricing couldn’t be more straightforward. You pay for the appliance once, and then you don’t have to worry about extra fees.

5. Does the platform permit mobile access? Mobile access is becoming more important for every type of presentation. RHUB permits anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to attend your webinar through a browser. It couldn’t be simpler.

6. Can you record the webinar? Recording your presentation is important both for you and for attendees. You want to have a record of what was said for future reference, and if attendees have something to replay, your message can be broadcast not once but several times.

One of the most critical factors in making your presentation look truly professional is the quality of the audio and video. The RHUB appliance really surpasses the competition in these departments. We would love to give you a demonstration of just how superior our audio and video quality is.

Give us a call at 866-758-0984 if you’d like more information. Leopards not included.

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How Collaboration Technology Can Help Your Business

October 11th, 2013

Change Management refers to a systematic method for assimilating change within an organization. Change management also assists with transitions for individuals on a personal level, as part of the  overall, changing collective. Change managers, then, are those who oversee and guide this process. They are essential for helping an organization meet its transitional goals. And with the wonders of collaboration technology, change managers can be more effective in their roles, because it’s easier to communicate with various members of an organization, regardless of whether they’re scattered across a six-acre business complex or across the country.

The position of change manager is merely one example of a job that can be enhanced and empowered by collaboration technology. For the balance of this article, we’ll enumerate a few more ways that collaboration technology can make your life easier.

How Collaboration Technology Is Employed
First of all, collaboration tools enable you to change the way documents and media are updated and shared. This ease of use among team members fosters better communication and collaboration. And obviously, for collaboration to be successful, communication within the group must be successful. In order for this to occur, then the various departments in the organization need to be able to work together — conveniently. And convenience is a great strength of collaborative tools. So, thanks to the convenience and ease of frequent interpersonal connections via online collaboration, project details like assignments or problems can be discussed immediately.

Some Components of Collaboration
Collaboration consists of communication, conferencing and coordination.  Communication is the exchange of information by using the following familiar methods: instant messaging, texting, e-mailing or telephoning. Although this component is still interactive, it relies on auditory or written correspondence.

Conferencing builds upon communication by adding a visual enhancement to your cooperative work. Through slides and video, your attendees can also interact visually. The old adage, “A picture paints a thousand words,” still holds true, so employing audiovisual aspects strengthens your collaborative efforts, helping you to ultimately communicate more clearly.

Coordination is basically when the individual team members complete their portions of the project independently and then bring their progress back to the proverbial table to assess the next steps of the overall, shared goal.

The Collaboration Solution for You!
RHUB specializes in delivering a simple and secure solution for online collaboration. In fact, our company’s name — RHUB — is an amalgam of the phrase “real-time collaboration hub.”

RHUB has a 6-in-1 Web conferencing solution that’s actually an appliance, as opposed to a hosted or software solution. Software solutions are costly and aren’t as user friendly at the outset. Hosted solutions are not secure. But the RHUB appliance works from behind your firewall — not outside of it — so it’s sleep-at-night secure. And the RHUB appliance is easy to use, as well.

The RHUB appliance gives you flexibility and value by combining six real-time collaboration methods into one appliance.

1. Web conferencing — RHUB’s Web conferencing enables you to give sales presentations, trainings, product demonstrations, and it allows you to collaborate interactively with your attendees.

2. Remote support — RHUB’s remote support capability gives you remote control of an attendee’s computer, regardless of whether that person is a PC or Mac user. It allows you to remote reboot, and you can remotely log out and log in again as a different user.

3. Audio conferencing —RHUB brings you VoIP-based audio conferencing, as well as free landline audio conferencing services.

4. Video conferencing — RHUB also gives you multi-point, Webcam-based video conferencing. If you use your HD Webcam to present video, RHUB’s system will deliver your video at photo-level quality and even in true color with 100 percent accuracy.

5. Remote Access — RHUB’s appliance also gives you the ability to access your office or home PCs from anywhere, anytime.

6. Webinar — RHUB also enables you to provide online seminars without having to download anything for your view-only attendees.

So, in conclusion, if you’d like to empower your business with the wonders of collaboration technology, RHUB would love to help you. Learn more from our Web site: RHUB.

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