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Three good reasons to keep away from downloadable Web Conferencing software

July 12th, 2016

Web conferencing solutions that need software downloading are often tricky and difficult-to-use, especially for new users, contrary to on-premise server based solutions that prove to be the real cutting edge technology in this field in many cases.

Imagine the typical situation of the new recruit of your company that has to hold his or her first web meeting the same day he or she was hired. Without specific training and preparation, in many cases the poor guy will fail or have a very bad experience; it might end up how my first chat on Skype: “Hey, can see me?” “No, I can’t” “What’s happened? I can read the text chat but I don’t hear you or see you” “Try to set up the audio, then launch the video chat” “The audio? I can’t see the commands. Ah, here we are! Got it. But here there’s a strange message of error… ” and so on and so forth.

The problem was simply that Skype needs to be downloaded and then preliminarily set up. Nothing very difficult, ok, but I didn’t know that. I spent some time to fix the easiest step – downloading – but I wasn’t able to pass exam two – setting up. And my first virtual meeting was, as you can imagine, a real nightmare.

The bottom line of the story is that either you train your new staff to utilize web conferencing clients, or you totally change your type of web conferencing products. And, beyond my first bad experiences with web conferencing, there are at least three good reasons for keeping away from downloadable web conferencing software.

1 downloadable web conferencing software triggers pc firewalls. For security reasons, many companies adopt very strict firewall policies that simply do not allow internet downloads – point. The result is that some few participants will be prevented from attending the meeting. And maybe they are those three or four people you really need to interact with. Not very funny, isn’t it?

2 downloadable web conferencing software needs meeting preparations. The only way to avoid the situation of point 1 is to alert participants in good advance, so that they prepare themselves for the meeting by setting up their pcs, or asking their company IT staff to do that. This takes time, and, in any case, does not assure you that participants will do every necessary step to participate to your meeting.

3 downloadable web conferencing software needs competent staffs. New staff need to be trained in order to solve all the problems that can rise up with web conferencing platforms. Again, your company must spend time and money for nothing, as today there are products that do not need any downloading.

Is there a solution to these issues? Yes, there is. The technology has brilliantly solved these issues by introducing web conferencing products that need no downloading. They are product that

  • Are not blocked by any firewall;
  • Do not interfere with any antivirus or group policies;
  • Do not need any preliminary complicated settings.

The result is that attending meeting is fast and uncomplicated even for your new hired staff.

An example of these innovative web conferencing products are R-HUB’s web conferencing servers. They are a full featured on premise web conferencing suite which allows you to easily schedule meetings in a very short time.

R-HUB web conferencing servers need no download of any kind and allow people to join audio conferences either via speakers for listeners only, via microphone, or by telephone for active participants.

If you would like to learn more about how R-HUB web conferencing servers visit their website

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