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4 Ways Designers can Profit from Web Conferencing

August 11th, 2016

Web conferencing is a new powerful professional tool that can really help designers in their daily tasks, from performing tests in real time to collecting users’ feedbacks.

Let’s see 4 tips to start with web conferencing.

Could a designer profit from web conferencing? The answer is definitively yes. Web conferencing can be helpful to a web designer at least in four ways:

1.) Web conferencing allows a designer to draw sketches in real time together with his customers.

Web conferencing allows users to work remotely, without the need of physical displacements. A designer can work out a wireframe or a mock-up while the customers look at him through the screen, getting precious feedbacks from his customer in real time.

2.) Web conferencing allows designers to perform usability tests in an easier and faster way.

Web conferencing allows designers to test their artefacts on a group of users in real time and in real life situations. In this way, data can be collected without the need to gather the participants in a physical place.

3.) Web conferencing allows designers to register and film experiments, meetings and conversations.

Through web conferencing products registering or filming a conference in HI quality definition is easy. In this way, it is no longer necessary to spend or invest money in expensive cameras and related equipment.

4.) Web conferencing allows designers to collect user feedbacks in a very natural and easy way.

Pools and raise-hand buttons are only two of the several functionalities that are available on many web conferencing product graphic interfaces to collect participants’ feedbacks. It is also possible to share and collect documents, files, photos, and, obviously, to chat.

These are only few of the many functionalities that today’s web conferencing products offer to designers. Web conferencing is a new world to explore, the potentialities of which are not totally known. But we hope that these tips can stimulate readers to make experiments and explore this new interesting tool.

In this article, the reference is mainly to the tools and functionalities of the products of the company R-HUB (Website:, but the following considerations can be naturally generalized to every web conferencing product that has similar features.

If you wish further information, please visit R-HUB web site. They offer free trial on their products and also the opportunity to open a free account.

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