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How do Employees use Web Conferencing?

September 25th, 2016

Collaboration among team members is only one of the many possible ways employees use web conferencing. In Forrester’s recent report, at least ten alternative utilizations are outlined, from staff training to online customer support.


Web conferencing helps streamline communication across the whole enterprise, as it is clearly shown in the study of the important research firm Forrester on how employees use web conferencing during their working days. Have a look at the ten most usual ways, and you will get easily persuaded of this point.


Executive Meetings (65 percent). Today’s executives are continually on the move. Web conferencing offers a convenient way to communicate and exchange information with one another in real time.


Company Meetings (59 percent). Virtual meetings are a great solution for many enterprises that cannot gather the whole staff into a single physical space.


Routine Team Meetings (57 percent). Executives can communicate with employees face-to-face without the need to disrupt their working day by making them move to attend a meeting.


Employee Training (55 percent). Web conferencing provides executives with an inexpensive tool to train people that ensures quick and direct communication with trainees.


Online Customer Support (47 percent). Explaining products through a web conference is inevitable in all those cases when a visual contact is needed between the end user and the employee of the customer service.


Meetings with Sales Prospects (41 percent). Web conferences provide a virtual room where salesmen and customers can meet and discuss sales prospects.


Marketing Webinars (40 percent). Webinars have been proved to be a powerful marketing mean. Using a product like R-HUB Web Conferencing Servers, you can easily scale up to 500 users at a time.


Product Demonstrations (39 percent). Like webinars, online demonstrations offer potential consumers detailed product walk-throughs. Another advantage is the high frequency, being it possible to host virtual product demonstrations even on an hourly base.


Customer or Partner Training (33 percent). After sales, customers usually need training. The same for new partners. Web conferencing will allow you to achieve this task quickly.


Research and Development (33 percent).

Online forums allow researchers massive and quick exchanges of data with subsequent faster progress in any kind of research.


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