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How to Shop For a New Web Conference Tool

February 17th, 2015

When you’re in the market for a new web conferencing solution, you need to do your research to ensure that you get a quality product. Thankfully, there are good providers out there who work hard to ensure that you have an array of top of the line solutions available for your needs. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your search for web conference solutions.

Define your needs clearly

In order to another type of web conferencing solution that you’ll need for your office, you need to carefully evaluate all of your needs. Don’t jump directly into conducting the research for your search until you know exactly what kind of system will work for you. There are numerous different factors that you should explore and you can look at the current needs of your web conference meetings as a starting point. How many people are currently at your web conferences? Do you have any speed issues? You wish you had any additional features as part of your package? All of these are simple questions that you should consider for engaging in the process of looking for a new web conference solution. You have to know your business needs before moving forward.

Look Online
You want to look for a company that has a great deal of experience in lining up web conference solutions with the needs of your business. Someone who has been in the industry for a while is going to be most familiar with the type of products that you’ll need. Work with a professional who can ask a targeted questions to determine the most appropriate solutions for your business. While you can certainly do some research on your own, it’s a good idea to partner up with an experienced professional to ensure that you are selecting the right end product.

Thankfully, it’s easy to do this stage of the process simply by looking online and matching up the basics of web conference solutions are available with the list that you created in the first stage. After this, it’s time to put together your questions and communicate directly with a sales representative in this field. Make sure that you take notes during this time to be clear about how you will narrow down which web conference system is ideal for you. Usually, you can narrow it down to just a couple of options before making a final decision. This is a great way to approach shopping for your next web conference solution.

Talk With Others 


Another good way to determine the best web conferencing solution for your business is to get the opinions of other individuals. Whether this is reviews that are posted online for your direct communication with other businesses who have Artie purchased web conferencing systems, you can learn a lot simply by talking to other people. Combined with what you have learned from working directly with other professionals in the web conferencing industry and the list of your needs that you constructed at the outset, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the best purchase for your business.

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Why RHUB Web Conferencing Servers Are So Safe

February 12th, 2015

Remote control can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of the companies, but these types of technologies that involve remote access may have some serious disadvantages as well. According to some studies conducted in the past couple of years, remote control and remote access have been named as the most common ways for the hackers to breach the security. One study showed that almost fifty percent of all the computer security breaches were done by using software for remote access control. Based on that news, many people wonder why RHUB web conferencing servers are so safe and what makes them so good in preventing security breaches.

We all are aware of the fact as the security is good as its weakest link. Hosted conference services are providing very little, if any security. Anyone that has access to a password and meeting identification information can open up the meetings. That leaves a huge security gap, so the hackers may take an advantage of this and attack the system easily. The security can be very easily and quickly compromised just by reading someone`s e-mail or accessing their calendar.

In comparison, the RHUB web conferencing servers can establish a virtual VPN network between the host and the participants. By doing this, it limits the range of participants to those with internal address and location, or with specific IP addresses.  Great thing about RHUB web conferencing servers is that they are specially designed to work together with your internal security servers, such as firewalls and routers or any other devices for security which are implemented by your company. Because of that, RHUB web conferencing servers can provide a very efficient and wide security by limiting the attendance to only authorized locations and participants.

Usage of powerful SSL encryption is primary for maintaining transmission security. You can be calm and relaxed, by knowing that the RHUB web conferencing servers are using the strongest SSL encryption together with proprietary encryption. The user passwords, as well as meeting IDs and the meeting transmissions are completely safe and encrypted.

The most effective way for protection against the breaches in security is to use an on-premise solution by which the web meetings will be protected by the firewall. RHUB web conferencing servers, as well as the remote servers are specially designed to provide an affordable and efficient security.

The three most common ways in which RHUB web conferencing servers are working are: behind the firewall, outside the firewall and DMZ. Behind the firewall means it is being restricted only to internal meetings, outside firewall means it is restricted to external meetings, while DMZ is designed both for external and internal meetings. DMZ deployment is very flexible and is available on all of the routers. In all of these options, strong security measures are constantly offered.

RHUB web conferencing servers are very safe because anyone that tries to access the system and is located outside of the firewall will be immediately rejected by the server.

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RHUB 6-in-1 Web Conferencing Servers

February 10th, 2015


RHUB conferencing server has everything that your company needs in order to stay competitive at the market. This server is very easy to use and it is free of IT maintenance. It has many advantages over the regular hosted services, including integration and overall security. The RHUB web conferencing server provides great value by incorporating six applications within one server. Those applications are:

 1. Video Conferencing – It can be held through web cameras.

2. Web Conferencing – Gives an opportunity for interactive collaborations, product demonstrations and sales presentations.

3. Audio Conferencing – Voice over IP (VoIP) based conferencing and opportunity for free audio conferencing services.

4. Remote Support – there is a remote support for both Mac and PC users.

5. Webinars – You can hold online seminars without the need to download anything on the computer.

6. Remote Access – You can access your computer from anywhere and at any time.

Some of the common features in the RHUB server which can be very beneficial for your company are:

  • Auto-reconnection – There are lots of reasons why something can go wrong during the meeting. With this feature, your meeting will carry on in the moment when the Internet reconnects. There is no need for you to restart the meeting or to rejoin the conference meeting.
  • Annotation – This feature allows you to draw anywhere on the screen in order for you to emphasize the ideas and points you have.
  • Chat – All of the participants at the web conference can chat and talk with each other. Also, everything can be easily saved for a later review.
  • 15-way video conferencing – This feature allows up to fifteen web cameras to be joined together for a video conference. Really nice opportunity and option for bigger meetings.
  • Free audio conferencing – All of the participants in the web meeting can attend an audio conference with a highest quality and free of charge.
  • Interactive Whiteboard – Available for notes, drawing and all kinds of presentations.
  • HD VoIP audio conferencing – All of the participants at the meeting can use speakers and microphones to do a conference with high definition quality of the voice. This feature gives opportunity for up to two hundred participants in one session.
  • Remote Printing – You can print any types of documents from the meeting session from a remote location.
  • Maximum Customization – You can join or start a web meeting from your webpage or some other company application. You can also direct the participants to your own page as soon as the web meeting is over. Another good option is to publish the scheduled web meetings to a website or other application.
  • Firewall and Proxy Friendly – RHUB Server is compatible with all of the existing firewall settings and it will not compromise the computer security.
  • File Transfer – The participants can send all kinds of documents, folders or files to any other attendee or a specific participant. Sending of the files will resume automatically as soon as the Internet connection reconnects


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Different Types Of Web Conferencing Solutions

February 5th, 2015

Web conferencing solutions are types of applications of Web conferencing technology, which you can buy in order to easily communicate and hold business conferences online. These web conferencing solutions give you an opportunity to hold conferences through the internet in a same way that you would conduct a conference call through a telephone. Companies are constantly implementing web conferencing solutions, in order to speed up the processes of making business decisions and to cut down their travel expenses and other costs. Web conferencing solutions allow the people to work and collaborate together, no matter where they are physically located.

Web conferencing solutions give you the possibility to invite as many people as you want to your web conference, and you can make presentations and discuss with them in a same way as if they were in the same room with you. With these web conferencing solutions, each of the attendants on the conference can share notes, give a feedback or work with each other on certain project.

Because of the huge amounts of money that the companies are saving on travel expenses, web conferencing solutions are number one way in which the companies are holding their business meetings. There is even a solution for a meeting in a private web conference room.

There are lots of web conferencing solutions which are available to you, so you should make some research and pick one that meets the needs of you and your company. Some of the web conferencing solutions are allowing smaller number of participants, while others offer unlimited attendants on the conference meetings. You usually do not have to install anything on the computer you use, and you just pay some annual fee for these solutions.

Web conferencing solutions are allowing the participants to share their desktops, any types of applications or files, as well as presentations. The participants can also share the information and files through messaging or by using an interactive board. There is also an opportunity for sharing videos through web cameras.

There are many web conferencing solutions, and some of the most popular are Raindance Web Conferencing Pro Seminar, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, WebEx Meeting Center and Genesys Meeting Center. All of these have some beneficial features such as using an interactive whiteboard, sharing of applications, sharing of documents, chatting and presentations. They do have some differences in their management tools, multimedia features and the integration with phone conferencing.

WebEx Meeting Center and Genesys Meeting Center have nice features for showing slide transitions, presentations with integrated video and audio and live videoconferencing. These web conferencing solutions also give the presenter an opportunity to easily mute or dismiss a participant through a web console.

Web conferencing solutions are not that not complicated to use or expensive. Their implementation is very quick and easy, and the results are definitely better than teleconferencing. The purpose of  the affordable web conferencing solutions is to provide the companies the opportunity to meet anyone, anywhere in the world without travelling.

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Benefits Of Web Conferencing

February 3rd, 2015

Information traffic has increased dramatically over the years, so now people can easily and quickly communicate, as well as download any types of files from the Internet. Business communication has also benefited from the internet expansion and the high speeds. The communication over internet today is cheap and it can be done between great distances through an application called Web conferencing. Web conferencing can help the companies in lowering their costs and saving time, and at the same time increase their profits. Web conferencing can also limit the travel expenses to a bare minimum.

The benefits of using the Web conferencing application can be easily seen if you try to compare the internet communication today and communication from decades ago. In the initial days of internet, in order for a person to communicate and conduct business with another person in another country or city, it had just a couple of options. The first option was to speak by a regular phone and the second option was to arrange a meeting in person. Conference held over a phone had many limitations and was very problematic. Phone lines often disconnected and the charges for speaking over the phone were too high. Also not everything can be covered or discussed easily through the phone. For example, people could not explain visual concepts over telephone calls.

The second option was the in-person meetings. But meetings were even more expensive, as the people needed to travel to the meeting location and there were many costs along the way. The meetings consumed lots of time and the people were absent from their working places for longer periods of time.

Those days are long time over. Today people from all over the world are easily connected through internet, and the huge distances can be covered with just one click on the mouse. With Web conferencing, the business partners and people from everywhere can hold conferences even if they are on the opposite parts of the planet. All kinds of consultations with clients, as well as different discussions, training seminars, webinars, presentations of products, and lots of other things and events can be held through Web conferencing.

Participants are only required to have a computer with a broadband internet connection. Long distance trips are no longer necessary, and that saves lots of money to the companies. Web conferencing is not just good for talking between people over vast distances. It also gives the people the opportunity to hold and show visual presentations, to send different types of applications or files, or to write on a virtual board. What is also good is that through Web conferencing people can see each other, and that gives a feel like they are in the same room. Web conferencing really eases the international communication between business people and the companies, and is very useful and beneficial application that has many functions. Web conferencing is essential software for any company today and is well worth the money for the value and the benefits it brings.

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