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How to Prepare for an Effective Web Conference

March 10th, 2015

A web conference can make for the ideal business meeting, professional planning session, or just a talk between friends. No matter when or why it is used, web conferencing solutions are only effective if all parties involved come together at the right time and with the right tools in place. In short, you need to take a few steps before important conferences like this to ensure everything is in place for them to be successful. Luckily, this does not have to be hard to do with the right tools in place.

#1. Learn about the software first

A variety of different web conferencing services are available to allow most people to connect. However, you’ll want to ensure your computer software is up to date and ready to go. To do that, you need to learn what requirements are in place. What software components, if any, will you need to download to use? What requirements should your phone, computer, laptop, or other system need to have for the conference to run smoothly? It is a good idea to check for updates on these software programs if you’ve used the system before as well. This just makes good planning possible.

#2. Don’t assume others know how to use the web conferencing tools

Perhaps you are meeting with an important client for a first meeting. You have no real idea if that person has used web conferencing solutions in the past. You don’t know what they’ve used either. For that reason, it is a good idea to ask a few questions to ensure all participants understand what they will need to do to get online and to get the conference in place and ready to go. The last thing you need is for the other person not to realize they need to call in or log on.

#3. Ensure others have all connectivity requirements

In most cases, you’ll receive confirmation information about your scheduled web conference. Don’t log in at the last minute or forget to verify that everyone received the necessary information. In short, the day before the scheduled web conference, be sure that everyone has the information they need to get on the conference. You may even want to have a test run in your office to ensure it is working properly and that you know about all of the features and tools available.

#4: Get materials ready to go

It is always a good idea to set up your conferencing materials well in advance. Whether you plan to put on a demonstration through live video or you will show a pre-recorded presentation, be sure you’ve run through the process effectively before you log in for your meeting. You’ll want to ensure a test run is done to ensure your information or presentation looks fantastic, too.

It is that easy to make web conferencing solutions effective. Take the time necessary to put in place a program that is going to impress everyone during the event. It will pay off.



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The Value of a Large Meeting

March 5th, 2015

largemeetingIn today’s global economy, it has become increasingly common for organizations to be distributed across a variety of geographical locations, including different continents. Many such organizations often make use of the Internet to communicate among employees. Even so, communications from executive staff to the entire enterprise is seldom conducted. With modern Real-Time Collaboration tools, it is possible to conduct large meetings with ease. The “executive” staff can communicate regularly with groups as large as 1,000 individuals in a manner that allows for increased interactivity.

How to Conduct Large Meetings Using Real Time Collaboration Tools
For instance, every team member is able to see the presenter’s webcam, the presenter’s screen, and hear the entire discussion. In addition, team members can take advantage of the opportunity to pose a question or even dialogue with the presenters using the built-in chat function.

Even though the audience is large, such tools offer an important communication capability that can greatly assist in keeping the entire team focused on the end goal and in keeping morale high. One of the most common complaints among employees, especially in large organizations is that they feel they are not communicated with frequently and are the last to know when something significant occurs within the organization. In the past, it could admittedly be difficult to keep a large organization that is spread out across multiple geographical points updated and informed. Today, this is no longer a problem with the provision of Real-Time Collaboration Tools.

Boosting Employee Satisfaction and Morale
Such tools also make it possible to solicit feedback from team members through functions such as the chat and question features. By making use of these features, organizations can ensure that team members know their opinion and feedback is valued. This alone can prove to be significantly important in boosting employee satisfaction and retaining top talent.

As executive staff and managers are well aware, employee satisfaction is vital to the success of any organization. A high rate of employee dissatisfaction is directly related to a higher employee turnover rate. Thus, keeping employees happy should be an important priority. Effective communication, including informing staff of industry changes and informing employees about the organization’s strategic intent is regarded as an crucial element in any organizational environment

In fact, in a study recently published in Entrepreneur, when study participants were asked about the one thing they would like to change about management, the top answer was communication. Entrepreneur went on to report that it should hardly come as a surprise that communication ranks at the top of the list, considering that research conducted by Clear Company HRM found that 86 percent of employees cite ineffective communication and lack of collaboration as causing workplace failures. The simple fact is that when communication fails, it results in additional work.

Now, with the capability provided by Real-Time Collaboration Tools, it is possible for organizations in every sector to ensure that employees are kept updated while providing a reliable platform for soliciting feedback.

If you would like to learn more about Real-Time Collaboration Tools and how they can benefit your organization, call us today at 866-758-0984 or email us at for a quick demo.

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3 Reasons Web Conferencing Allows For Productivity In Meetings

January 6th, 2015

A web conference is a type of conference meeting that takes place over the internet (that’s why it is sometimes called internet conference). They are used for holding meetings with coworkers or customers regardless of their location.

Two decades ago it was impossible to hold a conference meeting without all participants being present in the same room. Thanks to the advance in technology this is not only possible but it is already practiced by hundreds of companies from all over the world. Web conference service is a term used to describe a hosted application. This type of conferencing has literally made a small revolution in the field of customer service, sales, technical support and overall interpersonal communications.

There are many benefits of using web conferencing. For example, many companies are using it as an easy way to conduct employee training. Some other companies are focused on using web conferencing as a tool that improves their relations with the customers. This means that in some cases the support teams from one company can access the client’s computer and fix the problem remotely. Of course, web conferencing can save a lot of money too. You will be able to host a travel-free meeting at any time you want.

Finally, web conferencing increases productivity in meetings. Increased productivity is one of the main goals of every company in the world, so it is no surprise why more and more companies choose web conferencing as a great tool that can increase productivity and on top of that – reduce costs. The following is a shortlist of reasons allows for productivity in meetings.

1. The opportunity to select the right people for the meeting

Many business experts have confirmed that one of the main reasons for meetings that are ineffective and sometimes completely unproductive is the fact that there are many people who don’t need to be at that particular meeting. In other words, instead of inviting the right people, hosts invite the wrong ones. If you have wrong people at the meeting, this meeting will most likely end without saying the right things and without proper and fruitful discussion. In case we are talking about physical conference, this conference will probably mean a waste of money too. One of the best things about web conferencing is that you can send invitations and topics before the internet meeting starts and you will have a clear view of who will be present. Even if some people who join the meeting are not interested in the topic they can leave the meeting without any problems and without causing distractions.

2. Being dedicated to a plan

It is sometimes difficult for business owners / leaders to dedicate the meeting to the agenda they had before the meeting started. This problem can be increased in cases when customers and clients are based in remote locations or live in different time zones. Web conferencing is a great solution for situations like these, because business presenters can stick to their agenda by using precise and short spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

3. Chance for a face-to-face meeting

As we have mentioned before web conferencing allows face-to-face communication between employees and this is something that can boost everyone’s morale and improve camaraderie too which eventually leads to greater productivity.

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RHUB Can Help You to Resolve Meeting Failures – Quickly and Easily

December 9th, 2014

Web conferencing has now made it much easier to conduct meetings from your location without the need to travel, thus saving time and money. But, web meetings can sometimes present challenges that can make it difficult to communicate effectively. There can be many reasons why you or the person you are trying to communicate with may not be able to effectively get into a meeting. When that happens, it can quickly destroy the meeting and put an end to the productivity you were trying to achieve. If you were trying to conduct a sales meeting with a client or prospect, it can also leave a bad impression and delay the sales process.

One of the most common reasons why many people are not able to get into a meeting is because IT locked down their computer and now they are not able to join a web meeting without downloading software. While you really can’t blame the IT department, after all, they are only trying to do their job, it does not make the situation any less frustrating.

Furthermore, that is just one example. The reasons for not being able to join a web meeting are numerous. Other common reasons include that it is just too difficult to use. No one wants to sit around struggling while trying to get a meeting set up to attend. The reality is that the longer it takes to join a meeting, the less likely it is that the person will actually join the meeting. After all, the goal of a web meeting is to be more productive and save time.

All of these issues are areas where RHUB can help. With our no download mode, we make it possible to host web meetings without needing to download anything at all. This effectively resolves situations where your IT department has put you on lock down and now you are not able to download the software necessary to join.

Our no download mode also helps to improve ease of use. All that you need to do is email the link to the meeting along with the meeting ID and someone can join your meeting in 10 seconds. That’s all there is to it. If you’ve had people in the past who have been hesitant to attend a web meeting because they think it will take too long to get set up or because they are concerned it will be too difficult, this can be an ideal solution.

When you show your associates and clients how fast and easy it is to attend a web meeting, you will also be demonstrating that your company is on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a great way to boost your brand’s reputation while also working in a more effective and productive manner.

Are you excited to learn more about RHUB and how we can help you to be more productive with no download web meetings that only take 10 seconds to set up? If so, contact us at 1-866-758-0984 or email us at for a demo.

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Productivity Tools for a Productive Sales Force

June 24th, 2010

The practice of sales is what forms the backbone of many companies. It performs a dual function of increasing the company’s visibility and boosting its revenue. Salespersons are the ones who bear the bulk of the burden of generating revenue and are often the forefront of a company’s image.

Understanding Sales

The salesperson’s function is so vital that they must be well trained so they can perform at the highest level. In fact the training of the average salesperson is often ongoing. They are constantly updated on new sales techniques or company product offerings as they become available.

Sales interact with customers, resellers and sometimes suppliers. As would be expected, this involves a lot of man hours to schedule and take part in meetings. Travel time is another major issue for anyone involved in sales. These days, many companies have seen the value of web conferencing in helping salespersons to get more done.

Greater Efficiency

web conference for salesThe salesperson can meet with one or more clients at the same time thus greatly improving efficiency. This will basically cut the workload of anyone involved in sales as there is no need to travel to meet with just one person. Time spent moving around could be time spent in productive meetings.

Simply put, web conferencing helps salespersons get more done. Whereas, initially the job demanded a sometimes hectic commute, now almost everything can be done from a single location. Even with a basic web conferencing product a web meeting can be scheduled and hosted quickly.

Today thousands of companies turn to meeting software vendors for conferencing solutions that will deliver. While salespersons clearly benefit from using web conferencing, they offer benefits in many aspects of modern enterprise. The usefulness of web conferencing tools cannot be overstated. It can even be considered a salesperson’s best friend.

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