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Why Spend When You Can Save with Web Conferencing

June 18th, 2010

Cutting costs and reducing spend has always been at the core of the corporate philosophy regardless of the economic environment. While it can lead to less palatable decisions such as job cuts, it also encourages the development of new technology. There are many relatively inexpensive ways companies can save money and reinforce their sense of corporate responsibility.

The Path to Reducing Consumption

save with web meetingsThese days the idea of cost savings has taken on a life of its own. This is largely due to the worldwide economic recession which has affected many companies worldwide. Catastrophic events such as the recent eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland have companies seeking viable alternatives to business casino online travel. Simple routes to minimizing consumption include:

  • Cutting down on paper usage: Some experts predict that eventually everything will be stored digitally. Until that day comes, companies can begin by eliminating paper files where possible. For added protection a policy of backup and retrieval should be put in place.
  • Using web conferencing tools: From real time collaboration to meetings and webinars, web conferencing software does it all. It also virtually eliminates the need for business travel saving millions of dollars in the process. Web conferencing plays a vital role in the current green movement since it cuts fuel costs. It can also reduce the need for printed material for meetings.
  • Embracing alternative energy: Companies that are located near lakes can explore the option of geothermal energy. Solar and wind energy are also attractive options currently being used by many institutions.

Utilizing these solutions is well within the reach of many companies. It is even beneficial for many companies as it helps to bring down the operating cost. Even small businesses are currently using meeting software with great effect. With alternative energy the initial capital outlay can be substantial, but this depends on each company’s energy needs. Cost savings from alternative energy usage are usually realized within months.

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The Greening of Productivity Through Web Meetings

September 1st, 2009

Every company is concerned about their carbon footprint and is looking for ways to go green and so protect the environment. Making virtual collaboration a part of your operations is a necessity in the modern business environment. This serves many purposes, two of which are helping the environment and bettering the bottom line.

One way that many businesses are achieving the virtualization is by utilizing web meetings. With the improved capabilities of web conferencing security and integration, interacting with clients or employees in diverse places is now a breeze. Having  meetings online helps companies cut down on travel, which in turn cuts down on fuel usage and vehicle emissions. In fact many companies such as Fujitsu have started using web conferencing as a way to reduce their carbon footprint.

Proper use of internet web conferencing not only help companies protect the environment but can make better use of workers’ time and save resources. Developing a company strategy that mandates a set percentage of business meetings being held using web conferencing software is a start. This is especially beneficial if attendees have to drive or fly in to meetings from other locations.

Online meetings have in many cases been shown to run for shorter times than face-to-face meetings. This will free up time for more productive activities. This goes a long way also towards improving a company’s profitability. On-site meetings, especially if employers from other locations attend, can be costly. Expenses in monetary terms include gas, air travel, hotel accommodation, food and presentation material and handouts. Web conferences eliminate all that.

All of these methods of working and communicating cut down on travel. While travel by itself does not negatively impact the environment, it is a contributory factor. Web conferencing is thereby a viable alternative for those companies that are serious about being environmentally friendly.

Many companies are taking note. With this renewed drive for sustainability, RHUB has made a 4-in-1 web conferencing and remote support appliance that runs on only 4.5 watts. Goooo green!

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