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RHUB Web Conferencing and Being a Good Host

November 15th, 2013

What if you gave a party and nobody came? Probably one of our worst teenage fears, and still not a pleasant thought. You’ve cooked an extravagant lobster dinner, you’ve uncorked that chardonnay, it’s 7 o’clock, and the doorbell is silent.

It’s just as bad to plan a business meeting and not have the guest of honor show up. And if it’s your fault it’s even worse. You’ve spent weeks working on your slide show because it’s critical that you impress the potential new client. You’ve made sure that your team is completely prepared. All your employees are in the conference room, looking expectant. Joe stops munching on a doughnut long enough to set up the call. But your potential new client isn’t there. When you finally reach her by phone she says she wasn’t able to connect, and she’s annoyed enough that she’s no longer a potential new client. And no wonder. If you haven’t provided a functional web conference, you’ve wasted her time.

If your web conferencing solution is letting you down, you’re losing money. Of course it’s a disaster when it’s impossible to get the call set up, and it also makes you look bad if the quality of the call is substandard, or if some people can’t join the call.

A web conferencing solution that never lets you down is critical to your business. A web conference that’s a failure looks unprofessional. You need something that works every time, and RHUB fills the bill perfectly. It’s easy to attend a meeting with RHUB. If your important client has Internet access, she’s in—it’s just that simple.

And that’s not the only benefit RHUB is going to provide your important client. It’s easy to use. It certainly doesn’t make a good impression on your client if the call involves complicated set up. Why exasperate her by making her jump through hoops? Nothing could be simpler than setting up RHUB. If your client is in view-only mode she doesn’t even need to download anything.

Of course, it’s not only your client who benefits from RHUB’s simplicity—your entire staff does too. In surveys, respondents identify ease of use as the most important attribute of a web conferencing solution. It’s easy to see why.

Do you want to have a short ad hoc meeting with your new client? With RHUB, nothing could be simpler than setting it up. But how about Joe, the marketing manager who needs to talk to your new client about an advertising campaign? He can use RHUB without an extra license, and RHUB is so easy to use that even technophobes like Joe are happy to use it. It’s important that your staff is happy to use the tool for meetings they need to set up too, and as a bonus our floating license means your entire staff can use RHUB without extra fees.

Want more information? Give us a call. We’d be happy to let you know how RHUB can make every web conference you host run as smoothly as a well-planned dinner party.

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