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Video Conferencing Do’s and Don’ts

September 26th, 2016

Video conferences are essentially in-person interactions, even though they imply the utilization of a virtual environment. Taking care of the participants and their needs is the winning approach in both real and virtual meetings.


Mastering video conferencing has become a must for everybody in today’s digital world, no matter if you are a very busy executive or an expat that needs to communicate with his family. Here comes a short list of videoconferencing do’s and don’ts that can help you to improve the overall experience of your web conferences.


Do: Switch off your microphone after speaking, as background noise is one of the most annoying reasons of disrupt during meetings.


Do: Check your video and audio settings. Avoid delivering long monologues that nobody is able to hear. Take special care of the quality of the broadcast images, as it affects a lot the experience of the participants to your video conference.


Don’t: Arrange your camera too low or too high. It must be positioned eye level and hooked onto the monitor you plan to use during the video conference. Take care of the inclination of the camera, as weird angles can be very disruptive during a video conference.


Do: Check that your room is properly lit. Remember that natural light is better than artificial light and side lighting is the best.


Do: Dress properly. Despite the fact that you are physically in your place, virtually you are in a public meeting where everybody expects to meet a well-dressed and professional speaker.


Do: Remove all the inappropriate wall art and decorations. Even better if the walls of the room where you are going to speak from are white and without anything on. The same for your desk. Remove items like coffee mugs, glasses and dishes.


Don’t: Read emails or articles, or do some work while in a video conference. All the participants will immediately realize that you aren’t giving them the attention they wish, with the consequence that your audience loses focus on the conference as well.


Do: Look into the camera when you are talking. This elementary trick will make the participants feel like you are 100 per cent present.


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