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Whiteboard Tools within a Remote Support Session

May 12th, 2015


Using R-HUB remote support servers to provide remote support to everyone from colleagues and customers to friends and family can be great. Sometimes; however, the person receiving support might prefer that you only be able to observe his or her screen rather than being able to take complete remote control of their system. In this type of situation, the new whiteboard for remote control sessions in R-HUB can come in quite handy.

Show Them How To Do It, Without Doing It For Them

By using the whiteboard tools within the remote control session, you can guide the end-users by typing, sketching, or even using comment bubbles or highlighting specific areas of their screen. All of this can be accomplished without having access to the mouse or keyboard on their system. This provides the end-user with peace of mind in knowing that you do not have the ability to modify anything on their system. At the same time, you can assist them in a productive manner. Additionally, with R-HUB’s improved audio quality, you will be able to talk them through what they need to do as you are sketching or making notes, making this rather tricky support scenario much easier. This can help to eliminate a tremendous amount of confusion while helping to improve the training process in any organization.

Teaching Mom (or Grandma) to Fish

We are all likely familiar with the proverb “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This is often true with IT support, whether you are providing that support to friends, family members, or colleagues.

Suppose you’re remotely helping your mom or grandmother for the umpteenth time with something on her computer. Rather than trying to fix the issue yourself, with the whiteboard tools found in R-HUB remote support servers, you can show her how to do it yourself. She can then save a PNG image of the whiteboard session as a reminder of the steps that need to be taken the next time the same problem arises.

Boosting Productivity in the IT Department

IT support personnel often feel as though they are being forced to put out on fire after another. To make matters even worse, there are often simply not enough resources and support personnel to go around to handle all of the many IT problems that can pop up in a single company. By eliminating the need to travel from one location or even one department to another, IT support personnel gain the ability to fix problems much faster, thus providing support to more colleagues in a shorter time frame. Over time, this can help to save the company a tremendous amount of resources while also boosting productivity.

The new whiteboard feature in remote control works on both PC and Mac. Give it a try today. Call us on 866-758-0984 or email us at for a quick demo.

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Lower Costs and Increase Sales with Remote Sales Presentations

April 16th, 2014

Traditionally, sales presentations have been cost heavy through incurred travel expenses and time away from the office. Additionally, the logistics of trying to plan sales presentations can often be a significant challenge for sales representatives with a hectic travel schedule. The inability to manage multiple meetings in geographically diverse locations often results in either increased travel expenses, lost sales, or both.

Remote sales presentations with the RHUB web conferencing servers make it possible to manage time more effectively by accomplishing more. As a result, sales teams are able to book more sales presentations in less time while also significantly decreasing travel expenses.

The ability to communicate with other parties remotely via webinars and other technology is certainly not new. Until now; however, most sales representatives have found existing technology to be severely limiting and not ideally suited for sales presentations. There are simply too many variables involved in sales presentations that cannot be left up to chance when conducting a remote presentation based on outdated software.

With the RHUB servers, sales teams are able to tap into a robust array of tools that make it possible to conduct presentations in a personalized manner. One of the most frequent drawbacks to making presentations remotely in the past was the inability to receive critical feedback. When you make a sales presentation live and in person, you are afforded with the benefit of being able to observe body language and then adjust your presentation accordingly. Along with being able to actually observe critical body language, it is also important that you be able to actively engage with the other party.

The RHUB servers provides several important tools that make it easy to communicate effectively with the other party, including 15-way video conferencing that allows up to 15 webcams to join the video conferences. This tool can prove to be highly beneficial in the event that you need to make a sales pitch to multiple principals of the same firm in diverse locations.

As you know, engagement is crucial to the success of any sales meeting. One area that has been significantly lacking in the past with other video conferences tools is the ability to provide critical documents as part of the presentation. That is not a problem with the RHUB servers. File transfer is included, allowing you to send folders or files to your clients. A whiteboard is also available for drawing as is an annotation feature that allows you to mark anywhere on your computer screen to emphasize important ideas or points. You can also take advantage of the remote printing feature to print relevant documents to the client’s location. Whether you need to provide clients with the latest sales literature, catalogs, brochures, or other information, these features will allow you to do so with the same ease and convenience as presenting in person.

The process of trying to balance sales presentations in today’s hectic business climate can be challenging. With the RHUB servers, sales teams have the opportunity to close more sales while incurring fewer costs.

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