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How to get a Promotion as a Remote Worker

September 20th, 2017

Five simple and easy tricks to effectively stand out in a workplace and get your boss`s attention

Remote workers wish to climb up the social ladder, like everybody on the planet. However, standing out in a virtual workplace is trickier than in a physical office. The traditional strategies and practices must be adapted to the specific conditions of the digital world that is characterized by distance and global competition.

However, the golden rule for standing out in digital workplaces is the same as physical offices. Be hardworking, and attract your boss’ attention on the fact that you are that way. What makes the difference is how. These five tips will help you to attract attention in a digital workplace.

Help your colleagues

Ask their questions, or, even better, help them actively through a tool like R-HUB`s web conferencing server ( ) that allows you to work collaboratively by sharing files, documents, and screens. This strategy will make you the person that your colleagues call or think of when in need or in troubles. The result is that your name will be one of the first to come up to your boss mind, when it is time to appoint a team leader.

Have a short meeting every day to update your team

Most remote workers keep the set of mind of traditional office workers. Therefore, they would like to go back to the past. A good idea to create a work environment that reminds the old meetings around the desk of the boss is to have a video conference every day to hand out possible updates and address possible challenges.  This is quite easy with tools like R-HUB`s TurboMeeting that ensure HD video conferences that resemble pretty much the reality under the profiles of both the quality of images and the crispness of sounds.

Use extra time to improve your skills

Remote workers do not have to commute, which means a great time saving. Employ this extra time on professional training or studying your matter of expertise. Do networking on socials like LinkedIn and join the group of discussions of your industry, in order to enlarge your professional network.

Propose new opportunities to your boss

Many organizations do not have a leadership program and welcome bottom-top proposals. Schedule a video conference with your boss on new potential projects periodically. TurboMeeting have many features and tools to make a video conference an engaging event, like screen and file sharing, polling, raising hands , and others. You will discover that a video conference can be even better than a real meeting thanks to TurboMeeting much functionality.

Reflect on your behavior

Showing respect to your colleagues and your boss is the key, as there is a big difference between a proactive person and a tyrant. Try to understand where the line lays. TurboMeeting recording function can be helpful, as it enables you to review a registered conference the day after and reflect on your behavior and your way to communicate.

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