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If you hate traffic, Work Remotely!

August 18th, 2016

Remote work is the definitive solution to stress and time wasting. It really improves the life quality and productivity of your staff, while carbon dioxide emissions get cut down dramatically. Let’s see why R-HUB technology can provide your company with the perfect remote work system.

Tired of getting stuck in the traffic every morning? Try working remotely just for one day a week, and you will experience one of the biggest life quality improvements of forever.

It is not only about traffic. You won’t need to spend hours to find parking in crowded business quarters any longer, for example. No more nasty colleagues, no more poor food quality canteens, no more clumsy coffee machines that turn out muddy liquids with the excuse of supplying you with your necessary daily caffeine dose. Not only will you save a lot of money by cutting down on  fuel and car expenses, but also a big quantity of time. Last but not least, you will give a significant contribution to the environment by decreasing the level of your carbon dioxide emissions.

Once you have considered the advantages of remote work, you will probably ask yourself how to arrange an optimal remote work system in your company. To cut it short, you need to have a technology at hand that give your remote workers the same advantages as office staffs. In particular, it is necessary to implement:

  • A good and safe connection to your company network;
  • Providing remote workers with a phone number that makes working remotely identical to working in a real office;
  • Avoiding that your remote workers might be left out of any conferences.

All this tasks are easily performed by R-HUB’s secure, remote support servers. Silent and small, R-HUB’s remote support servers are really inexpensive (the most expensive unit costs only $ 1495) and really plug-and-play machines: you have just to press on, and they start running. That’s all. They need no maintenance, they upgrade, self-configure and self-initialize themselves automatically. Easy, isn’t it?

We said that remote work can really help environment. How? Consider that one gallon of gasoline produces about 18 pounds of carbon dioxide; now, try to reckon how much carbon dioxide can be saved per year, if your workers stop driving their 20 km a day to reach their offices. You will get the stunning number of over 10.000 pounds a year for each single worker.

In conclusion, remote work is a great way to improve your workers’ life quality by helping the environment at the same time. And the increase in productivity of your staff will largely pay you back your investment.

If you wish to learn more about this topic, please visit R-HUB website  at

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